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First Friday Art Walk

I was a part of my very first "First Friday Art Walk". I had never heard of them until I became a part of the Art League that I am now associated with. Since I have been renting out my own little studio, I have met many new people and been inspired by them all. 

Wait! I didn't tell you about my new studio did I? I have so much to tell you! I have been a little busy trying to get it all together and it is finally here.

I still haven't gotten around to repainting the walls but I will very soon. I have just been trying to get comfortable and I am learning to love this space. Sometimes I lay my yoga pad down and just lay on it and stare at the room and tell myself what about it I love so much. It actually works! 
This little wall is my space for hanging art. I don't have much out yet, as you can see the walls space is limited. 

My space is really small. Actually I believe it is the smallest space up here. However, I have something no one else has. MY OWN BATHROOM. So I d…

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