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Lisa Graham - Sharing Stories of The Heart

Lisa Graham - Sharing Stories of The Heart

- Can you please share a little of your background? For example, where you are from and how your artwork ties into your culture or where you live.
I have lived in Colorado for a year, but most of my life has been spent in Kansas.  Once in a while the Kansas landscape shows up in my work whether it be a figure standing in an open field or an old farmhouse.  Only recently have I started to explore painting mountains, but this landscape is still very new to me.  
- Which situations or experiences have helped you evolve as an artist? For example; what makes you who you are?
There are many experiences that have contributed to the artist I am today.  The first was starting my blog.  I met so many other artists and creative people through blogging and their work as well as their support and feedback really helped me to grow and just keep painting. Online classes and workshops also helped me develop my style and skill as a painter.  Being a part of a gal…

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