Getting Excited Now!

I am starting to get a little excited because of this blog. Also I found this new site for posting my art work. I like it a lot. Fine Art America. I do need to take better photos of my work so that I can get prints sold. My photos are blurry and low quality. Unfortunately they are all hanging in a tea shop on the other side of town. Ew Ew and and and.. I am going to set up my own domain name and make myself a gallery here on the net. :)  I am excited. Then maybe one day I will get brave and venture out and find some galleries or something. But for now.. I need to paint more. I need to make more time for all of this...... sigh.. yes.. must make more time.   By the way my class yesterday! Horrible. Moms if you come with your children and you know they are bad... please do not stay! They are worse when you are there.. ;)


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