Im Hungry

Its time for the kids to get on the bus again!  yeah. I will miss them but its good for them to go to school and good for me.

Last night one of my kittens fell from the landing down into the entry way. Scared me very badly. She is okay. She is a little bitchy this morning so she is probably sore. But I know she will be alright. She is already running around and chasing after her sister.

Today I should be going to the gym but I think I am going to stay home and clean the house a bit. I have missed my period so I think its from going to the gym. My body needs a rest. :) Its okay. I have been a good girl the last couple of days. :)

I did not do any drawing last night. My oldest daughter ended up with a UTI and we were dealing with that and also I started making Christmas gifts for all the grandma's in my life.  Maybe - if I can get the house work done I can start on some art work. I usually can not do much drawing or painting unless the house is clean. I know it probably makes no sense. I can sit and crochet while the house is TORE UP but not draw or paint. :) Okay.. I am going now. Gotta take a shower to start off my day!  


bonnathan said…
Frankie did you start you period yet??? are you expecting?? :) Hope your girls UTI is cleared up? They are such painful infections....Hope you had a good thankgiving!!! :) love you
Im laughing because I forgot I wrote that I missed my period! haha.. yess.... I started! hahaha.. Kayla is much better.. Thanks. :) I could not figure out who you were for my life! Then I figured it out.. and I am smiling and glad you are here! Im actually always glad to see the likes of you.

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