Its Been Too Long

Last night I decided that I would draw. No graphs no tools. Just me and my pencil. Its been too long. I have not given drawing a second thought in over 4 months! I sat at the paper for an hour last night trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I started to get frustrated and then forgot I had "some" patients and ended up walking away. I need to relax. I need to think more about it. Keep it at the top of my thought list.

Its really pretty this morning. Its about 8:30. The sky looks like what I call a "snow sky". The sun is hiding and it looks very cold outside. I know I have to go to the store but I do not want to! I really can not stand it that wal mart has such a hold on me. Every single day sometimes! Always wal mart!  If I do not go then I will carry that weight around on my shoulders all day that I should go and its not that big of a deal. I just do not want to go and be around the other one million victims of wal mart. Its chaos in that store. I am always in such a hurry to get out that I end up forgetting something. Is it just me?

I do love the mornings however (as I look out my huge window and take a deep breath).  I need to go and make the sprouts some breakfast and I will make my hunny some coffee. I know he will appreciate it. While I am at it... I will make myself some tea! Sounds like a plan!

Till Later..............


CreationsbyGena said…
oh goodness. I hate walmart. There are sooo many people trying to check out the same time you are and there are only 4 lanes open. I hate when you are at the 20 items or less line the person in front of you has a basket full. You gotta think, is that person stupid or blind. So I feel your pain.
Kat W said…
Walmart is called ASDA in the UK - and yes can be draining when amongst so many people in a rush.

Its good though to focus on the view out your window, take a breath and be present in the moment. Try doing that for a while before drawing. Also clear your mind of all expectations for what the drawing may turn out like. Just draw for fun, play like a child would. These techniques help me when I'm stuck/anxious over a creative task. Hope this helps.

Kat :-)
Thanks Kat. I really do have high expectations of myself. I have a friend who tells me that all the time to just relax and just play around and I do try to listen to her. You guys are right. I need to relax.

(wink) @ Gena... Yes.. I am talking about you. :)
CreationsbyGena said…
see.. what I have been telling you. heehee ;)

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