My little kitties hanging out on the window seal looking at the birds that land on the bushes outside. Their mouths were doing that super weird thing they do when they want to eat something! I am pretty sure its one of the weirdest things I have ever seen an animal do. 

Finally! They look at me!


Kat W said…
Your art work looks great. That seems like a cosy tea shop that I'd love to visit. Your kitties are very cute.

Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I've been browsing your blog. Congratulations on starting a blog this month - it looks beautiful.

Happy blogging :-)
Hi Kat. Thanks for being here. :)My kittens are seriously a handful! :) The tea shop is actually pretty nice. Its a coffee house and tea shop.. SO it smells really good when you go in there too. And there is art coving the walls everywhere. :) Pretty fun.

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