Well I found out last night that I will be having company over for Thanksgiving. I am pretty excited. I do not get many visitors. I started to clean the carpets today. Oh wow. They feel so much better. I think its been like six months since I last cleaned them.

While I was cleaning I started to think about some stuff. Of course "art" was on that list of thoughts. There is a classic question that is always asked.. "why are you an artist"    Sometimes (to be honest) the answers seem so over dramatic to me and I think its all rehearsed. Its almost like the weirder your answer the better.  I do not focus on my "pain" nor anything like that. I just pick out things that I like to see and that are attractive to me and I do what I can to paint it.  In fact I do not want to do anything when I am feeling down or uncomfortable. When I am in that state I am too busy thinking of ways to get out of it and art work is always the least fun.  

So anyway...   I am afraid I am getting close to getting off track...So I think there are .. um. three reasons why I am an artist...

1. The struggle and self gratification.
2. I love art. It makes me cry when I see a painting that is so pretty and so emotional. Especially when I know the story behind the art work. If I had tons of money I would be a very important art collector.      
3. I want to make you cry and make you a lover of art.

Now I hope those are not over dramatic! They may be and I am just a jerk for calling others that. However I think that is the truth.  That was my intention when I first started out and I seem to have forgotten because I got caught up in all the politics of everything. Did I mention how much I do not like politics? So with this.. The next time I pick up an art tool - I can relax.. because I remember why I got on this ride.

Till Next Time....



CreationsbyGena said…
oh look at you getting all deep. Shoot, if someone ask me why I am a artist I say I was born into it. LOL Been doing it sense I was a wee little one. Took many art classes and 4 years of advertising and design as I thought that was the road I wanted to take, but now everything is done via computers and that to me is not my idea of art.

Yah sure you got to have an "eye" for point and click and I am not knocking down digital art, but it does not compare to paper and pencil or paint or any other medium you gotta get down and dirty with. The feel of it. The feeling you get doing it. The joys, the sorrows. You are so right that a painting tells a story Frankie. I think a piece of the artist is with everything they do cause we put so much emotions into our works, but be careful.. it can make you crazy if you let it. So I paint to follow my creative spirit, to develop it and use it, and bring joy to my life and to those around me.
hahahah Sorry! I was not trying to get all deep on you! :I I have not always wanted to do this. I actually have no idea why I started. I like to say it was Hawaii. That is when I was sad and wanted to learn to paint because I did not want to leave the ocean behind. Figured I could paint it and take it everywhere I went. However I still did not paint. BUT I loved looking at Angels (I collected them remember?) and all the old art. Then finally about 9 years ago.. I painted my first oil painting. Its around here somewhere. I will pull it out and show it to you. Its of the ocean. :) A light house to be exact. Its been like this ever since.
and by the way you bring joy to my life with your art and your presents.
CreationsbyGena said…
hee hee and I know what you mean about Hawaii. You could not ask for a better canvas then being there! I look forward to seeing your first oil painting. I wish I had mine, but that was a long long time ago but how cool it would be to go back and look at the old stuff. I am soooo proud of you Frankie and NEVER DOUBT yourself as your works are just fine. I look forward to the one you are working on that I know will make me cry!
bonnathan said…
Well Frankie you brought a tear to my eay cause i never thot of art quiet like that!! I love your reasons for painting!!! :) you have a passion for it!! thats awsome!!! love you
Kat W said…
Its fascinating to learn about why you an artist. I would add as a guess that you are a passionate person who feels deeply. Would that be close to the truth?

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoyed having visitors.

Kat :-)
yeah.. I suppose.. But there are so many others like that. I would think that everyone is passionate with different ideas.

That reminds me...
I like to tell myself when I see an unattractive person... "they are not ugly, they are just another persons passion". It makes me feel better about saying they are ugly. Who am I to say someone is ugly!? hahahaha..

I hope you had a good day on Thanksgiving too. I did and thank you. It was nice to have someone else around to talk to. My husband had a wonderful time. He played his guitar which makes me very happy. That is his "passion". That and I am thinking video games. Good thing he has awesome work ethics or we would be in trouble!

Okay.. not making much sense I think.. I am really getting tired now. ;) I love the blog thing though.. This is great fun. :)
Oh and Bonnie.. you made me smile.. Thanks. :)

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