I am a mother, a grandmother and a contemporary realist painter currently living in Montana. I was encouraged to be an artist when I was younger due to some sad events in my life. Through this experience I started to learn and understand how much of an impact being an artist and the art world in general could have on a person if given a chance. Later, I wanted to be a seascape painter and went to school where I received my Associates in Fine Art/Humanities (2007) and have been able to continue my artistic education through books, the internet and personal experiences. Today I do not just paint the ocean but I paint anything that inspires me. Through my artwork, I want to encourage happy thoughts, happy memories and positive perspectives in order to stimulate a happy heart within my viewer whether it be from a nature scene to something as simple as a favorite coffee cup. - Frankie Stockman 2021

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Interested In Me?

I see that I have a couple extra followers! Actually that reference sounds bad. I would rather say - I have a couple new potential friends! ;) That sounds better. I am glad to see you here and I hope that I do not bore you too much. If you ever have anything you want to share with me about what I say.. Please do!   Again.. thanks for hanging out with me here. :) 

I will write more tonight! 

Crazy Headache!

Tonight my head is hurting. I was okay earlier. I had class and that was crazy but it wasn't that bad. I have two boys in my class right now that are just very... well I do not know really.... Just really busy and like to laugh at nothing and .. just very disruptive. It makes the class harder but I guess If I can teach them then I can teach anyone right? 

So what gave me my headache was when I got home I found out that someone has given my daughter an iPod touch! Just given to her because she got something better? She swears it was her good friend Abbi whoooo she just told me the other day they are not really friends anymore. Now why would a girl who is not really friends with her anymore just give her an iPod touch because she has something else now? Instant headache! I need to look more into this....               Ryley is not a bad kid so I do not know what to think just yet... 

Also my head hurts because Shane just "HAD" to tell me about the couple who murdered their two children! Just had to! I told him I did not want to hear it. Then they all started to tell me. Of course.. my heart tore into pieces and I cried. Just like I am going to do again right now. How the hell could you do that to a baby!? At this point I can not even pray for the poor little ones because they are already dead! And you know this makes me so freakn sad to say but I am glad they are no longer suffering! Now those monsters can not put their evil hands on them ever again! Life really sucks sometimes ya know. :( Every day I appreciate my family and my little ones. 

Geesh.. tonight is just horrible for me because of this news that I was given. I need to snap out of it now.  Another thing I guess that is bothering me is that I am not painting these days. I feel like I have nothing to offer the family sometimes because I sit at home all the time. I have no space to paint. I have no art room or anything. I just paint in the kitchen and then all my stuff sits out. If you are an artist then you know how messy that is. I feel overwhelmed by the mess after a day or so. So I just put everything away and that is where it stays. Not even drawing for some reason... I think about it.. just do not do it. So tonight I am trying to get my room all cleaned up and nice so that tomorrow I do not feel overwhelmed. I want to draw. 


As you can see tonight is not the greatest for me. Sorry to you who is reading this. I am just having a bad night. But I didn't want to not write because then the blog goes stale right? :) 

Santa Loves Me This Year

I just want everyone to know who is reading this that I love my husband so much. He bought me a camera for Christmas and then gave it to me early. It is funny because I tell him all the things I would like to have one day and then he insists on telling me how much I do not need it. How I will only break whatever it is or lose it.. Then.. when I least expect it.. 

So today my class was really interesting. There is one little girl in my class that is so odd sometimes. We drew a sarcophagus last week and she was telling me this week how she was "obsessed" with anything Egyptian and if my class drew something like this every single week then she would sign up every single time! I just smile. So then I ask her what it is that she is wearing around her neck.. She looks at me and tells me that its two watches she put together then cocks her head and says: "Im very creative" and then walks away.  Wow. Alrighty! Good times.. Good times... Then she tells me how to mix the marker colors in order to make them look like paint. I love it. Seriously. In return I gave told her some stories about Van Gogh. She held her heart and gasped as if she was in love when I mentioned his name. hahahaha.. made me smile. 

Not a ton of things to talk about tonight. Kinda just hanging out. I made a couple scarves. I am going to start ANOTHER blog for my etsy shop eventually. I have it started but... yeah.. Whoever said that selling stuff on line was easy was crazy. Its not easy! Its very time consuming. 

I should rest now. :) 

Talk to you soon! 


Christmas Gifts And Dreams

I am taking a break and getting ready to go to bed. I have been working on my mothers Christmas gift tonight. I am putting together a hat and neck warmer for her. I think its going to be pretty cute. However I am lost and I do not know how I want to build the warmer. So I have been just staring at it for a while and I think I figured it out.  Guess we will see. :) I'm tired of working on it for now though.

Because I do not know what to blog about tonight - I will share my weird dream with you.

I dreamt that I was driving along some road that I know I have seen in a lot of my dreams. Me and my children are in the car. I see ahead of me a car getting ready to get into an accident (its as if I could tell the future). I told my daughter to call 911 because this car in front of us was about to wreck.  As I said this the car slammed into the side of a mountain and started to spin out of control. Then for some reason I kept seeing what I can only explain as a replay over and over as the car hits the mountain then spins. I was still driving but I could not see what was in front of me anymore! It was almost like a video game when you are playing those racing games and the car crashes and they show the replay over and over! It started to frustrate me because we were on a mountain road and I could not see. I told my daughter that we were okay because I could still feel us on the road.. then as I said that.. I felt my car go air born and I knew.. we went over the cliff. I still could not see though! Just the other car crashing.. My thinking was this.. "okay. We are off the road and about to die. I was scared but at the same time I was very calm and thought ... okay.. we can do this! Hold on kids"   and then I decided that I did not want this dream anymore.. and it changed. It was so weird.

Since I was a little girl I have had nightmares. I have tried very hard my whole life to understand them so that I can be the boss of that world. When I was a kid I learned to fly. I could fly so high.. Then as I grew up I could not dream like that. I could also fight off the monsters (actually its always demons) with magic. I was like a wizard with magic in my hands. Not anymore! I have had dreams where I look in the mirror and see a whole other person!    So sometimes now I practice flying in my dreams again.  I imagine myself on an ocean cliff... and I slowly start walking off the edge but I do not look down. I do not pay attention to what I am doing .. and just what I am feeling.. I start to walk but then I notice I am doing it and I start to fall. I do not fall fast anymore! I hate that feeling in my stomach.  But I start to fall slow.. and I have to "regroup" and start over.   Its working.. Slowly. I will fly again! And I will fly over the ocean and touch the waves with my finger tips as I go by...

And with that I must go to sleep.. I am going to get up and go to the gym in the morning! I am doing so well. I want really badly though to go and get one of those German Gingerbread cookies before I go to sleep! I can't help it.. they are SO GOOD.


I joined this group called "Art For The Heart". I was reading some of the stories behind the art work they have posted. Two of them made me cry. That is what art is about! That is what everyone should know and learn about art! It helps heal the soul. Everyone should be or at least try.   I want to teach this to my students. However I am too emotionally attached to the idea. When I try to express this feeling and the importance of it I lose my composure and give my self away. So I can write it.. but I can not speak it. One day.. I will paint it. But how?


I just spent most of my night watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I can watch them over and over! I love the ocean shots in that movie. I just love the ocean all together. If I could live on a cliff in a big castle where my window over looks the water... I would be happy. I want lots of large rocks in the water where the waves can crash up against them. I can then sit outside on the cliff and just paint.. and daydream. I need to go and get one of the those tapes where I can hear the ocean sounds. :) (big smile) Anyway.. my heart is aching to see the ocean now... Sometimes I go on Utube and find videos of the ocean waves crashing and breaking.. and just watch.. over and over. :) 

This painting that I have showing by the way.. Byron Pickering. I love his art work. Google him. You will NOT be disappointed. 

I sold a few scarves out of my Etsy shop  <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/theartofnecking">My Shop </a>. Made me happy. I have a few more to add. I should do that. I need to take pictures. I am going to open up a Zibbit shop also.

I had a very nice day today. Worked on my blanket some more. And the edging is giving me grief! I have ripped it out twice and now I think I need to do it again. Not sure what the deal is with the thing. 

My cat is trying to lick my neck. I think I am actually bleeding because she keeps trying to knead while she is doing it. She is forceful. I keep moving her but she comes right back. I think she likes me! I'm hurting though. I can sit with her on my lap and just play with her ears. She doesn't even care. I pet her like I would my dog and she loves it. :) 

Well I am going to go and check out some paintings on the net.. :) have a good night/day. Which ever it is for you! 

Talk to you soon!

Decembers Photo

I was thinking that I would try to add a new photo every month. Here is Dec.  

I am working on a crocheted blanket for my grandmother. She is very special to me. I can not tell you how much I love her.

So anyways! Its been a couple of days since I have written. So what can I talk about tonight? Besides the fact that I am tired? Its 1am.  (yawn) Excuse me... sorry... I have a really pretty zit on the corner of my lip and it hurts to yawn. I always thought that when I became an adult I would never get another zit! I was wrong!

I have hooked myself up with my own little art site. Not really "my own". I can not do much with it. Not sure if I want to right now anyways so its probably for the best! ;) I am really feeling lazy. Besides.. when I get my own "space" then that is when the magic will happen! My oldest daughter is supposed to move out soon to go to college and I am not sure if I want to give her room to my little girl (who may be afraid to sleep alone) or keep it for myself. I would love to have an art space.. ohhhh baby.. .to have my own space!

Right now... all I know is I am so dang thankful for my life! Goodnight everyone! :)

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