Crazy Headache!

Tonight my head is hurting. I was okay earlier. I had class and that was crazy but it wasn't that bad. I have two boys in my class right now that are just very... well I do not know really.... Just really busy and like to laugh at nothing and .. just very disruptive. It makes the class harder but I guess If I can teach them then I can teach anyone right? 

So what gave me my headache was when I got home I found out that someone has given my daughter an iPod touch! Just given to her because she got something better? She swears it was her good friend Abbi whoooo she just told me the other day they are not really friends anymore. Now why would a girl who is not really friends with her anymore just give her an iPod touch because she has something else now? Instant headache! I need to look more into this....               Ryley is not a bad kid so I do not know what to think just yet... 

Also my head hurts because Shane just "HAD" to tell me about the couple who murdered their two children! Just had to! I told him I did not want to hear it. Then they all started to tell me. Of course.. my heart tore into pieces and I cried. Just like I am going to do again right now. How the hell could you do that to a baby!? At this point I can not even pray for the poor little ones because they are already dead! And you know this makes me so freakn sad to say but I am glad they are no longer suffering! Now those monsters can not put their evil hands on them ever again! Life really sucks sometimes ya know. :( Every day I appreciate my family and my little ones. 

Geesh.. tonight is just horrible for me because of this news that I was given. I need to snap out of it now.  Another thing I guess that is bothering me is that I am not painting these days. I feel like I have nothing to offer the family sometimes because I sit at home all the time. I have no space to paint. I have no art room or anything. I just paint in the kitchen and then all my stuff sits out. If you are an artist then you know how messy that is. I feel overwhelmed by the mess after a day or so. So I just put everything away and that is where it stays. Not even drawing for some reason... I think about it.. just do not do it. So tonight I am trying to get my room all cleaned up and nice so that tomorrow I do not feel overwhelmed. I want to draw. 


As you can see tonight is not the greatest for me. Sorry to you who is reading this. I am just having a bad night. But I didn't want to not write because then the blog goes stale right? :) 


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