Decembers Photo

I was thinking that I would try to add a new photo every month. Here is Dec.  

I am working on a crocheted blanket for my grandmother. She is very special to me. I can not tell you how much I love her.

So anyways! Its been a couple of days since I have written. So what can I talk about tonight? Besides the fact that I am tired? Its 1am.  (yawn) Excuse me... sorry... I have a really pretty zit on the corner of my lip and it hurts to yawn. I always thought that when I became an adult I would never get another zit! I was wrong!

I have hooked myself up with my own little art site. Not really "my own". I can not do much with it. Not sure if I want to right now anyways so its probably for the best! ;) I am really feeling lazy. Besides.. when I get my own "space" then that is when the magic will happen! My oldest daughter is supposed to move out soon to go to college and I am not sure if I want to give her room to my little girl (who may be afraid to sleep alone) or keep it for myself. I would love to have an art space.. ohhhh baby.. .to have my own space!

Right now... all I know is I am so dang thankful for my life! Goodnight everyone! :)


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