I just spent most of my night watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I can watch them over and over! I love the ocean shots in that movie. I just love the ocean all together. If I could live on a cliff in a big castle where my window over looks the water... I would be happy. I want lots of large rocks in the water where the waves can crash up against them. I can then sit outside on the cliff and just paint.. and daydream. I need to go and get one of the those tapes where I can hear the ocean sounds. :) (big smile) Anyway.. my heart is aching to see the ocean now... Sometimes I go on Utube and find videos of the ocean waves crashing and breaking.. and just watch.. over and over. :) 

This painting that I have showing by the way.. Byron Pickering. I love his art work. Google him. You will NOT be disappointed. 

I sold a few scarves out of my Etsy shop  <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/theartofnecking">My Shop </a>. Made me happy. I have a few more to add. I should do that. I need to take pictures. I am going to open up a Zibbit shop also.

I had a very nice day today. Worked on my blanket some more. And the edging is giving me grief! I have ripped it out twice and now I think I need to do it again. Not sure what the deal is with the thing. 

My cat is trying to lick my neck. I think I am actually bleeding because she keeps trying to knead while she is doing it. She is forceful. I keep moving her but she comes right back. I think she likes me! I'm hurting though. I can sit with her on my lap and just play with her ears. She doesn't even care. I pet her like I would my dog and she loves it. :) 

Well I am going to go and check out some paintings on the net.. :) have a good night/day. Which ever it is for you! 

Talk to you soon!


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