Santa Loves Me This Year

I just want everyone to know who is reading this that I love my husband so much. He bought me a camera for Christmas and then gave it to me early. It is funny because I tell him all the things I would like to have one day and then he insists on telling me how much I do not need it. How I will only break whatever it is or lose it.. Then.. when I least expect it.. 

So today my class was really interesting. There is one little girl in my class that is so odd sometimes. We drew a sarcophagus last week and she was telling me this week how she was "obsessed" with anything Egyptian and if my class drew something like this every single week then she would sign up every single time! I just smile. So then I ask her what it is that she is wearing around her neck.. She looks at me and tells me that its two watches she put together then cocks her head and says: "Im very creative" and then walks away.  Wow. Alrighty! Good times.. Good times... Then she tells me how to mix the marker colors in order to make them look like paint. I love it. Seriously. In return I gave told her some stories about Van Gogh. She held her heart and gasped as if she was in love when I mentioned his name. hahahaha.. made me smile. 

Not a ton of things to talk about tonight. Kinda just hanging out. I made a couple scarves. I am going to start ANOTHER blog for my etsy shop eventually. I have it started but... yeah.. Whoever said that selling stuff on line was easy was crazy. Its not easy! Its very time consuming. 

I should rest now. :) 

Talk to you soon! 



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