I was watching a documentary on "stress". It was pretty interesting. What I learned from the show was that if you love others and give to others it actually can make you younger. However - You have to ENJOY loving others and giving to others. Can not be something that puts you out. It has to be TRUE. :) That made me smile. They showed the physiology of how it all works. :) LIVE - LOVE - LAUGH really is the three ingredients to staying forever young and healthy. :)  There was a lot more.. If you have netflix.. look it up.

My oldest daughter is moving out this weekend to go to college.. Am I sad?? Nope. I am actually happy for her.  I worry a little for her but not that much.. I know she will do alright. :)    I am pretty much living through her I think. I did not get to move away and go to college. I wanted to. Instead I was a mom at such a young age..

What I am concerned about is that she is opening up a room in my house by leaving. Sooooo here is the thing.. I want to use the room for my art room and have my own space finally and yet I am torn and want to give the room to my seven year old for her own space so she can feel a little more grown up... She shares her room with my five year old son. (sigh)

All I know is I am going to go and pick up my paintings from the tea shop today.. Its time to bring them home. :)


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