Little Birdie is learning to fly

My oldest daughter of nineteen years has moved out of my house today. She moved out to go to college. She is only two hours away and that is good. :) She is not so far away that I can not help her when she needs it. Also she will be coming home to visit every other weekend. Or so she says! :)   I did not cry. I was very happy for her. The only time I got sad was when I got home. I walked in the door... Shut it... then locked it... When I locked it I thought.. "yep, needs to be locked because Kayla and Brian (her hunny) will not be coming home tonight.  Then I felt that "un balanced" feeling. I know it will fade and I will be alright. :) I am just happy for her. She is on her own. And she is going to be alright. I still have my five younger children at home to focus on.

So now tomorrow I will decide if I am going to have a room to paint in or if I am going to give it to my seven year old....               Guess i will let you know. I really really really really do want my own space! I would love to show you some new stuff.. unfortunately.. I have nothing to show right now. Good night internet. .I am tired now and need my beauty sleep. :)


Unknown said…
So, who gets the room?
I get the room. I am glad. :) My bedroom was getting so bad. I had buckets of yarn and stuff laying all over the place. I had a huge unfinished painting sitting behind the door.. I had all my paints sitting on my desk... I will leave the drawings that I did on the wall. I like them where I can see them at all times. But I had large sketch pads all stacked up against them wall here and there.. Shane is going to be so happy. I ended up putting Kayla's old bed in her little room and she loves it. So as long as she is happy.. I am :)

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