My own Space!

Finally today I moved into my "own" space for all my painting and crafting! I am very happy about it. Its in total disarray right now but it will come together soon. All my scarves, all my paintings, my unfinished doll house - its all put where the kids can not ruin them if I leave them out! I am very happy. I am going to set it up later so that I can start painting again. Did I mention I even have a rocking chair in there??      Okay.. well the walls are PINK but I can ignore that for a while.. They are like PINK PINK!     Peptobismol pink!   I can ignore it for a while...  There is little daisies on the wall.. I can ignore those too.. Oh and an unfinished mural of the sky through a faux window... I can finish that!   Anyway... I am happy about it. If I were a sim - my red bar would be turning GREEN! ;) 


I organized a little bit of the room tonight.. In all my junk I found my daughters lost cell phone and my extra set of keys to my truck!
Unknown said…
I'm soooo glad YOU get the room!
Me too Claudia. I am having some fun cleaning it up. Shane wants me to put some paintings together for May fest. Artists of all sorts go there and sit on the street for two days... It might be fun. I am going to make scarves and stuff like that for my booth also.
PS.. have you considered started a blog for your doodle site? As a matter of fact... I would like to post that on here.. Is that alright? I will place a link on here?
Anonymous said…
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Deanzart said…
Yay for the new art room! Have fun!

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