Three Cheers!

I just wanted to send out three cheers for all of my followers. I love it that you are here sharing all this "stuff" with me. Thanks! I am not painting today. Instead I am being social (cyberly.. not like I am never on the computer giggle) and cleaning my house. I cleaned my art room for the first time today. With the dog, the two cats and my three year old coming in here with me all the time - I was running out of room. So its all clean now and ready for me tomorrow. I have had a good day today and I have crossed off some stress factors from my "stress factor" list. Anyone else have one of those? Sometimes the dumbest little things add up and add up... and it can get to the point where making a phone call or just going to the store can become the chore of a lifetime. And if those little chores can feel so huge - imagine how the bigger chores feel. So I made a list. I waited till I went to bed.. then whatever I thought of - I added. :) I am getting down to nothing left on the list!


TopazPearleGirl said…
I'm so glad to have met you Frankie, you have mad painting skills!!
ahh.. thank you! :) I am looking forward to the next "creative" session with Dede. She is fun to watch. :) I have not participated yet but it is fun to watch.

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