Bad Days Good Days

So I wrote a letter a couple of days ago. I reposted it just now because I decided that even if it sounds insane, contradicting or even stupid to others - I need to let it out. After I wrote it I felt 100% better about what I was going through. As a matter of fact I am not even sure I feel that way about some of what I said anymore! Getting it out really helped me out. I read something that someone else wrote on her blog. She writes all about her struggles and some of the things that she writes are a bit strange sounding to some I am sure. But to me - I found them interesting. So I am going to keep doing what I am doing. You can find her blog listed on the side in my blog list.


Anonymous said…
I wish you had said which of the blogs it was, but I shall have to go adventuring....
Actually it was yours! hahaha.. fancy meeting you here. :)
I meant to put the blog on there but for some reason its not in my list of blogs. I know I am following you so maybe it needs time :)

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