Versatile Blogger Award.

I just received this blogger award from a very talented artist, Dean. He likes to create cute creatures. You can find his blog here -  He walks you through some of his hardships and struggles during his process. Very interesting to watch him. Check him out. :) He is a very talented artist and a good friend to have around!

 Here is the award that he gave me... 

Thank you Dean! 

Now in order to accept this I must do a couple more things. 
I have to tell you seven things about myself. Okay. 
1. I'm a mother of 6
2. I do not like pink all that much
3. I want to live in a Victorian town in a Victorian home. 
4. I am married.
5. I am an artist in training.
6. I am not always normal.
7. I am a good friend. 

Now I will tell you who I am going to give this to.. 
I would like to give it to Dean again but I do not know if that is part of the rules! ;) 
So let me think of my other friends. 


Anonymous said…
Yay for you!

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