I can not hang out too much today. .. I have started a new painting - and of course that drawing that I posted has to be finished. I figured I would do them both at the same time. Both portraits. Now I can not promise how the painting is going to turn out. I have not painted the face in a "very" long time. I am going to say - 5 years! I painted the side of a face...Wait. I take that back. I did paint a girl two years ago. Side profile. However - this one is of her face looking at me. Ohh.. and and and.. I need to crochet two flower barrets/pins for my avon costumer. She orded like 56 bucks from me online. Woohoo. Does not happen often but when it does.. makes for a happier me. :)  I am sore. I went to the gym lastnight... Wore me out!   Okay.. I need to go. I do not want to lose my "Zone".   XO XO XO XO XO XO XO all of you who read this and any other post I send out there!! 

What are you doing today anyway? 


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