Could it be the fountain of youth? Or something else?

I moved here about three years ago... and for those three years I have noticed something weird. There is a road that I take to get to my local wal mart. And on this road there is a water faucet right next to the road. It looks like its next to some rabbit cages or something.. yes.. on the side of the road. Its really a weird site. Well anyways. There is ALWAYS a car parked next to it and people are getting out and putting the water from this faucet into jugs etc. and then putting it into their trunk. I really did not think much of it till I saw super old people doing it! Those jugs have to be heavy after you fill them up right?  But yet.. they seemed to have no trouble! "WHAT IS IN THAT WATER?" Why are all of these people drinking it? It makes me want to drink it just to see what all the hallabaloo is about. NO! Its tainted. Thats what its about. They know that humans are weak. They know that the followers will drink too. Then pretty soon.. everyone has drank the water.... then what? So this is the crazy thoughts that go through my head EVERY time I go to wal mart now.. They have been for the last three years. I go to wal mart way too much too. It isn't bad enough that I really dislike wal mart then I have to think about that faucet. Maybe I will paint that faucet just so I can tell the story of it. Paintings are always best when they have a great story behind it....


Anonymous said…
You made me laugh right before taking the dog out for a walk!
Hehe... great post!
I'm a new follower!
Hi Rebecca.. Nice to meet you!

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