Getting back to basics.

I went to the store this morning and bought some new tools (and two new sets of wind chimes). Some of the tools I have never used before. I am trying to "ugrade" my drawings. I have worked a lot with charcoal but I have never worked with chalk. So I decided that I would do this one in chalk and charcoal and see how well they worked together. I have been practicing with the chalk. I like it! It works well. I have not made this silly ball for over.... uh eight years. So I thought I would make this one out of chalk to see how it looks.. Turned out decent enough. A little sloppy but decent enough. I get the idea. I think I am ready to start putting in the details. I have drawn the lines and they look nice. :)

(Compressed Chalk)


looks like you've been having fun! :) The pic of the two dogs is chalk and charcoal mix xx
Is it? They look nice together then :) I have not mixed yet.. Just messed around with that ball... thingy... Okay.. well I am offfffff to start.. I know I said that before.. but this time.. I mean it! :)
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see your new project. You sound so excited to get started! Go Frankie!....

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