Going to start a new painting!

Okay. I got some stuff out of my system and basically out of the way...  Now I am ready to paint again. I always feel good about Fridays I guess because that is when I seem to always decide to start my new paintings.  I really need to get my hair trimmed some time today too. I look shabby! :) Did you see my little You tube video that I made. Over three hours it took me! First time I thought it was great.. I posted it. Then watched it. For some reason it changed! Doubled in size and was really long and boring. So I had to re do the whole thing. I was up till 1 am this morning. I could not let it go though. I had to do it! I would not have been able to sleep till it was done.  So with this I am off now. To start the painting. I will of course post the pictures in the "Paintings Progress" link at the top. I will also be putting in some things here and there in the JUST SAYING and the MANIA links as well. Just stuff that randomly comes to mind. If its ranting and raving.. it will go under just saying.. and if its me being a lunatic.. then Mania is where you will find it. ;)   Have a good day.. and I am off to do the under painting. :) - Bisous


Anonymous said…
Hey, such a great job on that video!! I'm very excited for you. I shared it on my FB page. Haha, I bet you had fun doing it too despite the wee hours! Did you use Movie Maker? Such a good job! Have fun on your new painting! -D-
Hi Dean.. :) THANK YOU. Yes I used movie maker. It was a chore but fun at the same time. You are everywhere!! I added you to my channel. I watched your video of the voices.. CREEPY! Really creepy.. I guess I can not say you are everywhere.. because if you are.. then I suppose I am too now! :) hahahahahaha.. Thank you for posting my video. I think I posted yours.. I know I did a couple of them. I will have to look! If I did not I know I meant to! ;)
CreationsbyGena said…
Hows that new painting coming along? Looking forward to seeing the progress. ((hugs))
I have not started yet. Sorry. I have a hard time getting them started sometimes.

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