I was reading a blog and the author of the blog was talking about how she felt guilty ( because she was not being very productive in her artistic trade. It brought the question to my mind - Why do we feel guilt when we are not painting, drawing, writing etc? 

For me, I do feel guilt if I do not paint or draw. I have even gone as far as avoiding my friends who do because I felt so low when I saw all the things they were doing as I sat and did nothing. There is nothing wrong with taking a break so why do we feel guilt? Is it because we know we could be growing but instead we are sitting on our hands? I like to think taking a break is a part of the growth process. But that could be my guilt talking trying to give me reasons for not doing anything..;) What do you think?

I am also adding a picture of the beginning of my newest project - Pencil, charcoal, and conte.


carol l mckenna said…
Wonderfully creative and expressive ~ love your work ~ ^_^ ~ over from Blog Frog ^_^
Hi Carol! Glad you made it over. Thank you for your compliment. I like the things that you are talking about and I am excited to get to know you more. Hope you come back again and visit me. :)
I feel that guilt too! Luckily I don't have that many artsy friends that make me feel lazy... just talented bloggers like yourself! ;)
Unknown said…
If you'll read my post again, you'll see that I really wasn't feeling guilty. I've taken breaks before, and I always come back.
Hi Debbie... I understand.. I always get back to what I am doing eventually too.. However.. your post made me think about it. I DO feel guilty even if I do get back to it or not. I think its the weirdest thing. :) You made me think about it. Thank you. :)

@Kristen.. Oh you are too kind! Really.. you are! haha.. But thank you. I have a lot of artsy friends online. Not here close to me though. I think I would be more productive if I did.
Anonymous said…
Frankie, nice start on the new one! And as far as the other stuff? Its like you're reading my mind!!...
Hi Dean.. Well you read mine all the time, I guess its only fitting I read yours once in a while eh? So yeah... uhh.. the drawing.. I umm.. Scrapped it. Going to start her again. Should not have put color in her hair just yet. I got it ALL OVER THE PLACE! I am going to start it again after my appointments tonight. Plus my phone kept going off with text messages.. Hard to concentrate.. I know I know.. turn it off.. .. I can't. Gotta keep the line open for my little ones.

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