I have chosen the drawing I will start!

I found her and fell in love with her! I have to have her. So she will be my next drawing. I think I will do a series of old photos. I have two down.. and now I will work on this one. One of my subjects I actually had the pleasure to meet before she passed away.. She was a very nice woman too. :)  Alright so here is the prep for my next project. Hopefully I will find something to paint at the same time and be just as excited about that as I am this. I can not remember when I drew a picture last. I think I like to draw more than I do paint sometimes. 

I printed out two separate photos of her. One dark and one light. Then I have one also on my computer that I can see HUGE if I want for more details. But this is perfect for the lines and a lot of the detail. She is BEAUTIFUL! I can not tell you enough now much I love her. I wish I knew her name. Alright its time for me to go and start my lines. :) I will share my progress with you! TTYS! 

BISOUS! ;) Frankie


I really like this idea of doing a series of old drawings. Where do you find the photos? She is very beautiful.
I spend hours online sometimes just looking at pictures. I mean hours! hahaha.. I find them all over the place. Try typing in Vintage photos or something like that. I can not remember the exact search I did but I think that is all I typed in. I tried to find it again and can not. :( But either way.. Try that and see what you come up with :) There are a MILLION out there. :)

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