Its like a new painting that I can not stop looking at!

Today I picked up my Antique Welsh Dresser AKA English Hutch. I put it in my dining room and started to clean it up and I stood back....   I am so in love! I love my husband for buying this for me! Well I love him anyway but this is why he gets kisses all over his face when we are hugging.  There is a piece of stained glass in the center up at the top... and its funny because there is a bubble in one of the glass cabinet pieces. When I open it up and stick my head close to it - It smells like a very old house....  

Every time I look at it - it makes me feel like it does when I look at a painting that I am working on and its turning out very well for me! I can not get over it. I do not even want to put anything on it. It doesn't matter.. I just love it for what it is. Just like that! 

I added some plates in there to see what it would be like. I am going to crochet some lace for the edges of the shelves. Oh its going to be perdy!  Its funny because when I was wiping it down I noticed the notches in the shelves and I thought.. "oh that is no good.. Why do they have this big notch like this" then when I was putting the plates in I realized what they are for! My husband rolled his eyes and smiled at my simple mindedness. I just laughed. I really appreciate my "dopey" moments. I know how to laugh at myself.  

I started a new drawing tonight. So I will be posting that here and there as I go along. Also I have some new friends and I would like to say HELLO!! And Thank you! I am excited to get to know you better. :) 

Love always and goodnight for now.. I think I will go to the gym.... maybe.. no promises!


Anonymous said…
Hey Frankie, that thing really is sweet! I'm in luv with it too. Wonder if it's one of those pieces that's secretly worth thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on the Antique Road Show!! A great find either way!
oooh very pretty :) It'll be great thing for you to add to over the years, every time you find a really special plate or ornament it can go into/onto the dresser :)
Dean.. its so funny that you say that because I still have those types of romantic dreams also! hahaha.. Every time I go to the antique shops I think that way.. It was a great price too!

Kate.. I agree. :):)

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