A new Technique..

I was thinking about something. Well actually I have been thinking about it for a while. Like over a year but I just have not spoken about it out loud. Today I will. Sometimes I read art books or look at painting books just before bed... I was not doing it every day.. But now I think that I will. Every night now before I go to bed I am going to read certain books (who am I kidding. I will just look at the pictures probably). I have certain ones that inspire me the most. ANYYWAAYYY I am going to look at it every night now for at least thirty min. before bed. I am hoping that I will dream about it or at least have it in my mind while I am sleeping and pretty soon I will be painting like no ones business. Also maybe I will be so "ridiculously" famous that I will get made fun of on South Park! I am just kidding. Either way - It just seems like that would be good because I am relaxed a lot of the time when I am sleeping... and when I am relaxed is when I do my best work and learn the most...      Its just gotta work! Sometimes I pretend like I am painting too. I know that sounds weird.. but I paint in my head. Step by step.. And it helps. I started doing that because it is hard for me to paint as much as I want with my little ones always around :)

I went to the gym last night. Just walked. Nothing else. My legs up at the top are hurting. They are aching. Its not the paint (wow I said paint. I left that to show what a robot I am) that you feel after a good workout. Its like FLU pain. When I was growing up my legs would ache a little and the older I got the more they hurt. Sometimes at night they are sore (for no reason) and its hard for me to sleep.. I think if I am stressed out they hurt the worse.  This is the first time they have hurt me after walking. I looked so cute too! Normally I do not care what I look like at the gym. But I put little pony tails in my hair in the back. I looked in the mirror and just laughed at myself because they were SO cute! I never do anything with my hair. I was excited. Even my girls were googaling over my hair.


Anonymous said…
That's a great idea!! Doing art in your sleep!... seriously, it's good to constantly be looking and feeding your brain with other artwork and trying to deconstruct how the artist went about producing it. Oh, and you should have taken a picture of your pony tails!

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