Okay. Its a new day. I worked a little bit more on her last night before I went to bed. I have no idea how I did what I did because my son (16) and daughter (14) sat next to me the whole time and made me laugh with their ridiculousness. But I got a lot done on one eye and her mouth. I took a photo of her eye to see how close I was getting.. A lot of times I look at my progress through the lens of the camera. I know I could look in the mirror but I just use the camera.   Also I took a pictures of my chimes that I just got at Hobby Lobby. They were fifty percent off. How could I resist? The ones in the middle and the one off to the right. The metals set I have had for a couple of years. One day I will buy the large ones! Not today however. They are over 100.00! I can hear them out my dining room window while I sit here and draw in the sun.

I am on the "second" layer of pencil I suppose you can say. I was using the chalk and charcoal and now I have added some sepia pencil/chalk/charcoal. I really can not figure out what it is for sure. Seems like charcoal but not sure if they have sephia charcoal. And to be honest - I have NO IDEA where I got the pencil to begin with. Thankful I have it though.. I am using it. 


She is not blending well.. Not sure why.. This one may not turn out as well as I anticipated.. I need to figure it out.. I did see a type of pencil - they called it a blending pencil that had no color...
Anonymous said…
I think they may call those blending "stumps" too. Is that what you're thinking of? It's made of paper that's been rolled really thick and comes to a point. They make them in a couple different sizes I believe.
No.. I have a lot of those.. These are actually pencils. I looked at what they had for a lead and it looks like.. hmm. .how can I explain what I saw.. almost like that rubber glue after it dries?? Maybe.. I did not get to touch it because it was in a package.. and I could only see of the bottom.. you know how in a pencil you see the little circle of lead when its not sharpened? Thats what it looked like.. Really weird. They are expensive too! I think it was like 12.00 for a pencil or two. I like the paper blenders. Thats what I call those things. I know they have a technical name.... anyways.. Hi DEAN! :) How are you doing?
Anonymous said…
Hi Frankie! I've been trying to get motivated to get some work done on my little projects. This computer is my nemesis! Sigh, I spend way too much time on it. Anyway, that's interesting..I've never heard of this thing you're describing. Will have to keep an eye out for it the next time I'm at the art store.

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