Okay. She is done. What can we call her? She needs an old fashioned name I am thinking. What do you think??

And I have to say that I think I am much more pleased with the end result than I previously believed I would be. Well.. there she is.. All done. I signed it up the right hand along the edge near her shoulder. Just do not have it in this picture.   I am thinking I may not really work on one that looks the same. This one will do. I had fun. Now I just need to fix it. :) NEXT - 

For a tip on how to get a really annoying song that is stuck in your head, out.. go to my MANIA link above. Also I am going to repost all the drawings that I did in here ... into my progress Link. Talk to you a bit later! 

After I posted this I went back and added just a touch of eyebrow to her eye.. It looks better :) 


Novelda said…
Well if she were mine, I think I would call her Luvonia. She's beautiful! Very nicely done.
Anonymous said…
Well done Frankie! My brains drawing a blank as to a name though. (may have to get back to you on that one) Anyway, I think your idea to do a series is a good one. Have you ever tried working on toned paper? Might be something to try along the way.
No I have not tried it.. I have thought about it. Its so small. I have not seen it come in larger sizes.. I guess I can start with that they have. Your right. My aunt has one of the prettiest names I have ever heard. Her name is Lina. Luvonia is really pretty too! Thanks everyone for your comments. :)
Unknown said…
She's absolutely beautiful!
Wow Frankie this came out absolutely stunning! The eyes.. are just perfect. I thought of the name "Emily" when I first saw her. You're amazing!
CreationsbyGena said…
How about Emma? I like it Frankie. Well done my dear friend.
Emily will be excited that you have picked her name Kristen (my four year old) Love Emma too. That is what I almost named Emily. Emma Lee. I should have.. She would have been named after my Grandma. Now we just call her Emmie.

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