Putting it on hold

Well I am going to have to put my recent idea for a painting on hold. Since I have posted my video more people have been noticing me. So I have actually picked up a couple offers. One for an ocean painting.. and another for a book cover. I think the book cover sounds really fun. I know that it would not make me famous or anything - but it would be fun either way.  So I am looking forward to that.   Anyways... not much else is going on. My house is a freakn mess. Always is after the weekends.. They all go to work and school and leave me here.. to clean up after everyone.. Love it. Then I do not get to paint.  Well I should go and take care of that now. Hope you are all well and loving life!


CreationsbyGena said…
Are you doing another ocean painting for someone my dear?
yeah. I am thinking so. :) Just doing some research. :)

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