Sleepy = Emotional

Am I the only one that gets emotional when I am sleepy? Its the worst time to be emotional I think. I am sure it was because I was looking at old pictures of me and the my children. I looked so young and so happy. Now I do not feel that way anymore. I am sure it is where I live. My neighborhood has not many trees and a lot of the houses look the same. I used to walk for hours and hours. Now I walk around the house.   Makes for a sad and tired girl.   SO... I am going to work on this. I need to change my way of thinking and get my butt back outside and start walking again. Its so good for the soul.

But really.. I am tired. I started another drawing tonight. I really need to be painting. I will.. I will... But for now I am doing some drawings. I went to kinkos also to see what kind of stuff they have going on. I am going to go to a print shop next.. Might just have to work out of both. :) One to scan and one to print. All depends.

Oh. I wanted to tell you about this story that I saw on tv. This little boy said he had died and gone to heaven when he was .. I think 3 or 4. I watched a short clip about it. I believe in God. And I believe that it takes more than just believing in God to get to Heaven. And of course I often question many things. I think that is why I am obsessed with ghosts and death. Or it may just be because I have issues.. But still... It made me cry with happy tears the thought of it being.. I guess for sure.   Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back  ...   Okay.. I need to go to bed now..  All of you have a good night. I know this post is kinda off track and all but its just... how I feel tonight.. Off track. :)


Thanks for following my blog & I am now following back. The only website I ever hear about is ETSY, & I know a lot of bloggers use that for the various things they make & want to sell. I don't know anything about it. Good luck on that. As for your painting of the lady, I think she looks like an Abigail or an Esther.
Thank you Cas for coming over and joining me as well. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I know I will yours. :) I ended up calling her Emma. Esther.. I can see that too.. She really seems as if she would have a very old name. Bonnie even..

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