Stick with what you know.

I tried this new style of painting the day before yesterday. I know you have seen the post that I left. Well I changed my mind. I loved the first stage of the painting. It really did feel free and I learned so much from just that one stage of painting. I learned a lot about perspective.. and the biggest thing that I learned is.. "stick with what you know"..   After I learned what I needed to the painting became "unfun". I got the worst headache. The layout was perfect but the paint was not laying down right. I couldn't figure it out. So I sat and sat and painted here and painted there. Sat some more. Stared. Then I walked away. I have not been back since. Oh my gosh that reminds me! I left my paint brushes up there too. So now they are dry! :( I need to work on those now. Anyways - I am going to restart the painting over again. Same concept, same layout.. Only this time - MY WAY.   Also I might do a still life. Me and my British compadre over at had a nice talk to day about art and the directions we were going and that is when I made all these decisions. Thanks Kate :) Oh and you should go and check out her newest painting. Its really nice! Also there is a giveaway of some original art work at this blog  Be the first to comment on the prize and its yours!  She does the cutest stuff.. Make sure you go before some one else does!


Anonymous said…
Hi Frankie, looks like you had a really nice start on the seascape. Setting it aside is probably a good idea, that way you can mull over a plan of attack.
Only just realised I've not been in and checked your blog properly for a while and saw the direction conversation reference. Glad its helped xxx

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