This is my plan

Okay. this is what I think I am going to do. You can see the links under my painting of the dog? Up there.. up above - I am just saying will be where I post all of my silly rants.. and you know you can learn a lot about a persons rants! I will let you say what you want.. feel free.. but remember.. I am the boss on here and I will delete you if you cuss at me! (hahaha) The mania.. I may or may not allow any comments.. but that is where I will post my weird thoughts or my "deep" thoughts. I have a lot of those too. :) Some might be weird and some might be good. So keep watching for that.... I like to make up quotes and I will post them in there too. Or maybe.. hmm.. maybe I can make a separate page for that all together.. Hm. I will think about that. The Paintings in progress link pretty much sells itself. I just have to paint something or draw something to put in there now. I suppose I can put the castle and ocean photos in there.. Just delete them from the main page.. I can do that. Okay. problem solved..   Favourite artists also sells itself. :) Great. :):) now when I move some of this stuff my comments will be lost from my friends.. :( Bummer. But please come back and make more!   Okay.. I am going to bed now. Have a good night everyone!



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