My worst critic.

I would not say that this is a bad drawing. I do not think any of my drawings are bad at all. It's just not what I visioned. 

The thing about the artist verses the viewer is that I saw something in my mind. And when I see something - I unfortunately EXPECT it to go down in THE way I VISION it. And of course you know and I know it will not happen. In my class I always tell my students TO never expect your drawing to BE RECREATED EXACTLY

The mixing of the sepia and the black did not work out to my standards. It might be that darker brown also. Its a good learning experience.  I am going to finish it and then start her again... 

Tonight we are supposed to have severe thunderstorms pushing through. I can see it outside. Its dark and smells like rain. A bit windy also. I do not like the T-storms. They scare me. I do not sleep well at night when they come through....                      

Well talk to you later.. Me and little Miss Emmie need to go to the store and see what we can waste money on today. 



So sad that you didn't like how it came out! I really, truly love it. You are so very talented it's ridiculous. You really captured the antique nature of the girl. Very beautiful.

I do know how you feel about being your own worst critic though... I usually have something in mind and it always comes out different, but I learn to love it anyway.

I LOVE thunderstorms. I think they are fun to listen to while you stay inside all cuddled up. My niece is terrified of them though.

Anyway, hang in there and I hope the second time around works out better for your liking!
Hi Kristen. Thanks for your opinions. :) I think the trouble that I had was I wanted to try this new technique that I have been thinking about off and on.. Unfortunately I have not really thought about it in the last couple of weeks. I just JUMPED in. I really need to focus on my next level of drawing. I did not do that here and that is why I am not exactly excited. But you are right.. Its not a bad drawing. I do like it as far as .. well I know I draw well.. Not patting my own back here.. :) Promise! It being ridiculous... now that made me laugh! You are cute! That was a funny way to put it. Anyways.. its nice to know that you like it as it is so far. That is a good sign.
Unknown said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. Maybe you found it because I did a post with Raggedy Ann in the title. Hope you looked at my art. I love yours! I'll add you to my blogroll.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Kristen, I think you've nailed the drawing itself nicely! You may be at the crossroads stage with the execution though. You're experimenting with a new medium and now you're knee deep in and probably feeling a little apprehensive about where to go from here, (and maybe a little nervous about totally screwing it up!) It's natural to feel all of that. I say, go boldly forward on it. You're learning alot as you've already mentioned, and you will lock into a comfortable way of working at some point. My suggestion would be to build on top of what you've got so far, with light coats of fixitif in between, especially if the material is very chalky. Be selective about where you use blending, being careful not to overdo it. You might even try combining it with some light hatching, especially in the background area. These are only suggestions as I've said. Most importantly you need to trust your artistic instinct....the great inner Frankie! We all look forward to seeng it finished.
Dean.. I love your thoughtful posts. You are right. Absolutely right! I did try a white chalk pencil.. I think if I had just the white and either the black or brown alone. it would work. But the white mixes in and makes a gray color. Gray does not fit in with the look I am going for.. and that is where I am all messed up.
Hi Debbie! Thats funny. Glad I found you either way. :):)

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