A whole new perspective on the situation!

I started a painting tonight. A seascape. I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to take a different approach as to how I started it. I really struggle with the beginning of the paintings.

From now on with each project I think I am going to focus on one particular. My last painting was the castle and I paid more attention to the trees and that wonderful color green. I think when I focused on this alone I worried less about the painting as a whole and it came along naturally because I was not stressed out about it. Does that make sense? So as I was working on the under painting of this new painting and worrying about the perspective of the rocks, I worried less about the rest and just painted. When I was done and stepped back I realized I actually painted in a natural direction because I was relaxed and I could see it clear in my mind. This painting is going to work out. Never have I been this happy about a painting with just the under painting!   I think I am rambling on. I am having a hard time explaining myself. 


CreationsbyGena said…
Well that is great Frankie that you are not stressing over your painting. Painting should not be stressful, well maybe painting a room or a house...LOL

I look forward to seeing your progress in this one.
That looks so good! I get a little nervous starting a new piece too, probably because I'm worried with how the end result will look. But if put on some good tunes, take it piece by piece, and just go with it, they always turn out better :) Great job, can't wait to see it all done!

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