Why do you "really" paint?

I changed my blog around a little bit. Well the fonts anyway. :) I am wanting to make it more of "my" personal space but I am not sure how to do that yet. I need my own background. This one I found off of some blogger background site..Its pretty and all... but I want my own things on here.  I should be starting a painting today. And I may. And I may not. It was in the plans. I think I need to think more about it. I do need to get on it soon because when I am not painting - I am thinking.  Sometimes I do not like to be left alone with myself. I know a lot of you can relate to that. (big smile).

I was thinking the other day (and I know a lot of you think about this) about the reasons why I paint. I think of this question a lot and of course I always think I know the answer. I love the feeling of accomplishment - It's relaxing - I can not live without it - I was just born to do it - etc. I always have the same reasons. So I asked myself why is it that if I know the answers why do I keep asking myself the same question? Something is missing! So I thought a little deeper.. and of course.. I am painting to escape. But what? What am I "really" avoiding? So now I have different reasons for my painting. Yes its all of the reasons that I stated up above.. but there is another reason. I am painting for self preservation. I am running from my biggest fears. My Mortality. What are your reasons really?


I think everyone has some form of creativity inside them that sometimes they just need to let out.

I tend to create more art when I'm a little lost and not feeling like myself due to stress or whatever. Something about focusing on creating a piece of art is a way to show those emotions down on paper, instead of writing in a journal or talking to someone.

It's therapeutic for me. And when it's done I get to feel good about creating something beautiful. What's better than that? :)
I think you are right about everyone having having a creative side. And there is nothing wrong with creating something beautiful and feeling good about it. Thank yo Kristen.
Anonymous said…
Frankie, let me know what you have in mind for your blog. I'll be glad to help. Drop me a line.
Okay Dean. I will think about it and then send you an email. :)

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