I am a mother, a grandmother and a contemporary realist painter currently living in Montana. I was encouraged to be an artist when I was younger due to some sad events in my life. Through this experience I started to learn and understand how much of an impact being an artist and the art world in general could have on a person if given a chance. Later, I wanted to be a seascape painter and went to school where I received my Associates in Fine Art/Humanities (2007) and have been able to continue my artistic education through books, the internet and personal experiences. Today I do not just paint the ocean but I paint anything that inspires me. Through my artwork, I want to encourage happy thoughts, happy memories and positive perspectives in order to stimulate a happy heart within my viewer whether it be from a nature scene to something as simple as a favorite coffee cup. - Frankie Stockman 2021

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Lets Get Physical!

So today I was thinking about "working out". I have always been a walker and it seems like it has kept me pretty slim. Now that I am a lot older - its not really enough. I actually have to "get physical". I was going to the gym for a while and walking the tred mill almost every day for over and hour. I was not just walking it either - I had that baby at an incline and had it moving fast. I was exhausted!  It started to stress me out. I felt that if I missed a day at the gym I was fat and I had to call them and let them know I was going to be absent! Thats no good! Just more stress.  So I just stopped. So I am at it again after 4 months of doing nothing. There is a difference this time. I have added stuff.  I got this new thing (Knect) where I can do something different every day. I think if you do the same thing over and over it stops working. You get bored. Then its not fun anymore. Now its work!  So if I am going to give some advice - here it is.. If you are working out at home with tapes etc. Try and get a couple. Then do a different one each day. That way you are not doing the same thing over and over. You are open to make a choice. It really REALLY makes a huge difference when you get to make your own choices and you do not feel forced into something. :) If you walk, change your path here and there too. I had to do that or I got bored. I used to walk a lot! For years - every day - for at least 3 miles a day. 

I will go before this gets too long. :) I am close! Its getting long. 

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Social Networking And How It Makes You Feel.

In the beginning I was addicted to facebook and myspace. I found so many of my old friends and made more. I was really thankful. Now I am not so sure. For a while I could not figure out why I was so lonely all the time. I started to think about it and I started to wonder if it could possibly be facebook! Seems like I am always sad or wishing I could be there with my old friends or see my family as they do things without me and chat about it on facebook. How about you? How does social media make you feel?

I have asked this question in other areas of the net and I have been getting some pretty interesting responses. More are talking of how "annoyed" they are by other and their "bragging" and making them feel "less" of a person. Interesting. I have felt that same way. But I have also learned a lot from it. I have learned that I can say something and others will respond to me as if I am making them feel bad and they do not need to. That is just a small thing in my life. If I shared my bad - they would not feel so bad.  I thought about that for a while and came to this conclusion. 

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE! They are only talking about the "good" things in their lives. And that is ALL you hear about. And who is to say they are not embellishing that truth? You are missing out on the bad. Be happy with who you are. Cherish YOU! Since I have thought of this - they do not make me feel bad anymore.. Just sad that I can not see them. Juuussstttt sad.. I miss my family. I really do. Aw.. I made myself cry! hahahahah.. Stupid.


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I have started a new blog that is completely separate from this one. If  you would like to do a link exchange I would love to! I am not asking you to follow the blog in no means at all. Just think of the link exchange and let me know if you would be interested or not.  Thanks everyone! http://missfrankiear.blogspot.com/p/link-exchange.html  I did get the idea for the name from my fellow blogger http://graphicdesignconfessions.blogspot.com/  The only trouble with using the word "Confessions" I feel as if I have to tell everyone a secret a day! hahaha.. SO MUCH PRESSURE!  Anyways.. Check out her blog.. She is really cute. 

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So Easter is passed. I sure hope you all had a nice day yesterday. It rained the whole day. Thunder and lighting. We got the whole package. No hail though. Now the state is all flooded. YaY! Well it put all the really bad fires out. Thats a good thing. I hope it helped Texas too. They had some woppers going also. I am sure they were worse there than here though. So I am going to submit my art work tomorrow. I still have not decided. Thats why I have not done it yet. Not a whole lot is going on right now with me. I am kinda just taking a break from the art scene and I think the whole creative scene in general and trying to get my stuff together. I am crocheting a cute scarf and fingerless gloves to match, curtains for my front door and curtains for my little girl's bedroom. But I am in no hurry. That is just for "something" creative to do. 

Well I hope you are all doing well. I just have so much going on in my mind right now that I really do not even know what to blog about today. I feel bad. SORRY!  I am going to go read others so that maybe I can be inspirted. :) 

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Going for an award!

I received an invite to send in my work again this year to a show in Arkansas. This is the same show that I tried to get into last year and was declined. Either way - I am going to try again! I looked up the juror and his name is Richard Stephens. He is a watercolorist who has been painting long before my birth. He is pretty good. Anyways.. Last year, I waited till the last min. to enter and I think that may have been a factor. So I am going to try again this year. Not sure yet which paintings I will submit. I think I will look more into his work and see if I have anything that he might like. I am not a watercolorist so that makes it a little bit of a challenge. 
I would like an award to put under my artistic belt. I have passed the point where I want to go out and sale them and make millions. I just want to win some awards. So - Best in show gets 1000! Runner up gets 500. And then it goes down. But to be honest with you.. I would LOVE to get best in show.. but I would settle for Best in Oil. Its a 200 prize. I guess even the honorable mention 100. Or Or Or.. Peoples choice for 50.  Maybe I will submit  a drawing also! They have an award for best drawing - 200. Gosh.. Its exciting.. I want to do this.. I know it will bother me if I walk away with nothing.. but I know I will keep trying anyways.. I am stubborn. I have been trying to sell avon online for almost a year now and I still only have one costumer! I am still doing it though.. Hoping.. hahah.. Anyways... Love you all! I am going to get this stuff together... Which ones do you think I should try to put into the show? I only get to pick three... one drawing and two paintings  

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Why can't we all just get along?

Yesterday I was with a friend and we drove out to a travel center to meet my daughter because she forgot her backpack when she was visiting this weekend from college. Well we were eating some lunch as we waited and I started to look around at all the people who were passing through the travel center. I noticed that I could pick out so many of those people that reminded me of others that I already know in my life.  Then I started to think about something else....         How different could my life be if I did not have the one I did. If I were someone else. Probably not much different as far as my needs and wants. I am sure I would have different experiences and stuff but no matter how different people live their lives - they still complain about the same things! 

When I was younger I was a military wife. No matter what duty station that I went to, us wives got together and complained about the same things! Our complaints about other women, our husbands, our bodies and our children. They were all the same. We all had so much in common but came from all different walks of life. Even the men would complain about the same things in their lives! 

It seems that we are all fighting for the same thing in this world. We are all trying to go the same direction! But everyone seems to be fighting the current.. 

So I wondered why we could not all get along considering the fact that we all had the same needs...   Why do you think we can not get along? 


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Hello Everyone

I have been kinda busy the last week or so. I am so far behind in my blogging! Let me see.. What have I been up to?  Well, I started to make some curtains out of yarn for my daughters bedroom window. Also I started to make some curtains out of thread for my front door window. My door is like one big window. I will surely take a photo when I am done. 

Did you hear that "Borders" book store is going out of business? Well it is here anyways. I went yesterday and picked up some books. All the art books were GONE! I wanted a certain one pretty bad but it was gone. Oh well. I did get a nice magazine! 

Tax season is passing.. YaY!

The weather is Bi-polar. 

My living room has papers all over it from my husband staying up all night trying to get taxes in at the last min. Then he gets up and leaves so I guess I will pick them all up .. Its the least I can do right? ;) 

I was supposed to post pictures of the young rembrandts drawings.. I did not do that.. So I wanted to share them with you now... 

So this one was mine that I did. I teach them step by step how to draw the picture through picking out the shapes first. Every once in a while I get to teach them my own stuff. For example, I teach them tricks and tips on how to make the drawing a little easier. They get really frustrated sometimes. So I really have to do some creative thinking in order to get them to calm down and keep trying. I also changed the ear. I made it flop when it should have just stood up. I did give them a choice for the flop or straight up. Some chose straight up. But not many. I think, one! ;) So its fun to teach them cute little things and to open their minds up so they can make the art work their own. I also try to teach them to focus.. Slow down... and draw light and soft. Clean lines. 

This picture here has a story and I love it. My daughter Ryley walked to my class after school this day. She walked in and all of the sudden the student who was drawing this could not draw anymore. She distracted him so greatly by her presents! I laughed. He could not compose himself around her. I am thinking he thinks my Ryley is pretty! He tried and tried over and over to get the heads right! He usually draws better than most in my class.

Now this is Holly. She draws very very well. As you can see here too I give them a chance to kinda do their own thing as well and be creative so they do not get bored with the lessons. She put in grass in the background instead of what I did. And it looks really cute! She did a great job. 

Here is the only student who decided to keep the ear up. She is in the 2nd grade. She did a wonderful job. :) She does need to learn to slow down a little and be a little lighter with her drawing. But she is learning! :) 

So that is a glimps of what I do in my drawing classes. I am sure you can look up Young Rembrandts in your area. Its fun.. Its only an hour of the day and you get paid for each class that you teach.

Okay. Well I should go. I need to get some stuff done today. I have class later and a million loads of laundry to fold and put away. Laundry is by far my LEAST favourite thing to do. I would rather do the dishes. 

I will talk with you very soon! 


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So today I am anticipating the Thunder Storms that are coming through. The wind is picking up and the sky is starting to fill with clouds. We are warned that its going to be a dandy. I have lived in Tornado Alley for 3 years now but I am no less afraid of them now then when I first moved here! Its like they are these huge scavengers! I always feel like they are like these huge monsters coming out to prey on those on the ground. 

Everyone hide. 

We do  not have a shelter except the closet under the stairs. See this house? Lets pretend that is real for a second. They would have no chance! I am sure a wicked witch of the south would not be around to break their fall! My animals, I would put them in the bathroom downstairs. Yes! I would try to protect them too. I love the snot out of them all. 

Dang it all. With the weird weather patterns I am thinking they are going to be twice as bad.  I just do not like this time of year. Spring is one of my favourite times of the year and...    Tornado season has to accompany it.  Its just not right.  Thankfully we do live right next to the sirens in our neighborhood. So if we have one in the night - I will hear it or wake up to it! Heaven Forbid! 

Alright. Well I gotta run and get dressed. I have class to teach tonight. I will post their pictures for you so you can see what I am doing with the kids. That is if I am not standing in the tracks of a tornado tomorrow! Also I tried to catch up with my blogging today and visit everyones blogs - but something wasn't working right so I will catch up tonight when I get the chance! 

Love you all and for those of you that have these storms also.. PLEASE STAY SAFE! 

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Being Appreciated.

Being the artist that you are, I am sure you get told a lot from others how talented you are and how they always want you to create for them. Makes you feel pretty good right? Sure it does. Well I have had this situation where I have been told this a few times and so I have given my art work out before. Later, I have gone back to their homes and I looked around and my artwork: NO WHERE to be found. Where is it? Where did it go? Who has it? I thought you wanted it? Regardless of what they may or may not understand, I put my heart into everything that I do. I am a very "serious" painter. I am not relaxed or layed back at all!  But that is for another blog...     So anyways, yesterday - I went over to a friends house that I have not seen in a couple of months. I sat down on her couch and there right before me was the print that I had given her for Christmas. 

She had it framed - glassed - everything! It looks so pretty! I couldn't help it. My heart jumped for joy! I think I could have cried if I let it go far enough. Then on my way home I started to think about things. It made me feel closer to her for some reason. It made me feel appreciated. You know what else? She did not even ask me for that. I gave it to her because I knew she loved animals. She went out and had it "custom framed" even.  So I now know that she will get more art from me. Not anything that I would expect her to pay for but for her to just have because I want to show her that I appreciate her right back.      

Anyways... My point to this blog is this... I love it when my art is appreciated. It makes me love being the creature that I am.  


Being an artist - our art is such a personal thing. And because of that unfortunately its hard to ignore any kind of critical comments. I did receive one that I actually do know of and it did not bother me.. I was told that my oceans are "boring" and "too basic". I actually laughed. You really have to consider where the comments are coming from. Now if an art critic said it - I might care... 


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My most recent things that I made...

Well I made a couple of things lastnight while waiting for the sprouts to clean (they did not finish). 

I was thinking I may sell this pattern in my zibbet shop.. it would sell for about 3 or so bucks right? You  think? Not sure how to write it out... I have to figure that part out. 



This is cute. It's a string of hearts. After I am finished with it, I think i am going to felt it. I have not done that yet so I would like to try. Anyways.. So that is what I made! I had fun. :) 
If you have not seen my FANPAGE for facebook you can look me up @ http://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfNecking 

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Thank You God! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

So today is not the funnest day I will be having. However I can say that I spent the day with my kids! As I type I am sitting on my four year olds bed watching them clean their room. It is so insanely messy. My 8, 6 and four year old never clean their rooms and I always end up doing it for them. The second I turn around it is a huge mess again. It is time to they learn themselves. I am hoping they will understand that its hard work and appreciate the cleanliness afterwards. 

Usually when I tell them to clean up they just mess around and it never gets done. It actually turns out messier than when they started. So here I am. Sitting here on the bed making sure they keep on track. I brought in my crocheting tools so that I can crochet something for my Avon store giveaway. Maybe a pretty lace bracelet? I know I am going to be here for a while so I might as well make the best of the time. 

Its actually very relaxing to sit in here with them. I have learned in my years with children that once you have them - you can NOT expect these children to work around your life. YOU HAVE to just slow down and work around their life. Other wise you are going to be mean and impatient with them. Its not their faults. They are just "LIVING". They know nothing else. All the other stuff comes with time. Every time I start to get frustrated because I can not do the things that I want to  and start to get angry with them - I try to remember and slow down.. take a deep breath.. and sometimes I get so frustrated that I have to tell myself what it would be like without them. I could not live without them!! No way. That snaps me back to where I need to be and put whatever it is I am doing down - and I give them the patients and love they need. And honestly it makes me so much happier to just give in them each time. 

I know that its not as easy as it sounds. I could not do it when I was younger. I was always frustrated and trying to figure out how to make things better. Unfortunately I was hard on my first born. But patients, it came with time and I am very thankful for it. Me and her have a very close relationship and respect one another very much. 

I have heard that we are born with patients and understanding. I am not sure if that is completely true. I have had six children and each one of them were screaming and full of ID. Even at the ages they are now - they do not have patients for much and I have to explain EVERYTHING to them. I think the way it works is like this:  I think God gave us his love. And through that love - we learn patients and understanding. Well, that is how it worked for me and I fully plan on relaying that message to my children. So - that is what I am doing today... Spending time with them and teaching them to pick up after themselves. I have given up any plans that I had and am just sitting here with them... keeping them on track. :) Hope you are all having a good day too! 

Dang they are pretty kids! I love them very much. GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

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Having fun.

I am trying to use this as my profile picture on my twitter and its not working.. Facebook either! :( I was just playing around and I thought it came out funny. 

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Blast from the past!

A fellow blogger (http://graphicdesignconfessions.blogspot.com/) recently blogged about her past art work. I loved the idea so much. I was a little sad though that I did not have any "childhood" drawings left. My house burnt down when I was in the tenth grade so I lost most of the those things. However - I do have two paintings from when I was about 17. I had "NO" plans on being an artist at this time. My husband had a bunch of paint sitting around from art class and I was bored. So I used them a couple of times. This one I drew with a pencil then painted it for my daughter. It was her Christmas gift for that year. She was six months old. 

Then I painted this one for my husband. He is actually my ex husband now. But I still have the painting. We are good friends still. It makes things so much easier. Anyways, he was away at boot camp when I painted this for him. He really liked this style of painting (I really could care less about anything like STYLE at that time) so I tried to copy it. He had some paintings in his room that he had done in art class. I tried to copy the approach. Ended up with a dragon though! I thought it was cool. I remember sitting on my bedroom floor painting it on a sheet with my little baby next to me sleeping. 

After that I did not do anything artistic really. I did meet one of my good friends Gena (http://creations-by-gena.blogspot.com/) and she opened my mind up to crafting! I had a lot of fun with her. I do not have much of anything that I made.. Oh wait.. I do.. Swags.. A couple of them. I still have them. I will have to share them sometime..


When I divorced my first husband, I was 28. That is when I decided I would be an artist. Here is one of my very first drawings! 

I drew this with a #2 pencil. I framed it and saved it because it is like that first dollar that business' keep in a frame ya know? Plus I have been made fun of like mad. I cut off her head because I could not draw it!! I tried and tried and tried. SO.. OFFFFFFF WITH HER HEAD! I love that anyone can look at it and make up some weird story that they believe is behind the picture though ;) It was in a closet so its dirty!


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Not a lot is going on yet this morning. I am going to work on some mini paintings. I need to get a little practice before I touch my large painting.   I am still kinda sore from the whole "getting slim" thing that I am working on. 

I missed one of my art classes that I teach yesterday because the Email system is no good sometimes! Makes me so frustrated because I want to perform at high levels! When I do not I feel stressed out. I know that is natural. I think what frustrates me the most is that I work for someone else. Every day I am responsible for so many other people *my children* and so for me to feel that I am responsible for someone else now I get upset when I let that person down and of course a little angry because guilt and anger are best friends.  To think of it.. I do not think there has ever been a time that I have not just been responsible for me and me alone. As a child I felt that I was always responsible for my mother. Then at sixteen I had my first child and got married. So I get a little overwhelmed I think sometimes. Anyways.. I will get over it.  Just me venting today. I will clean the living room and feel a lot better! :) yay. Then paint! i think I will paint an apple. I have a couple of them laying around. 

So - so far my day started out bad - but I have big plan on making it better because LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! And I choose to make it a good day regardless! 

I was going to add a picture too but every time I try it makes my computer lock up. So I am going to skip that for now! :) Hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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Stop looking around!

There are a few things I still need to do with her. She is not done yet but here is a little update.

I need to work on my painting a bit more. I was kinda feeling a little insecure .. well I am still... about how to go about painting it and I started to look around at others and their paintings. When I saw how good and easy it seemed to come for them I began to get even more insecure! I keep trying to remember that I just need to stop looking around. I need to keep steady the course and do what I need to do. Practice. So I was thinking about getting some canvas paper - cutting out smaller sizes and just busting out these little "one item" paintings.  Just so I can get more practice.   Something I may start in the morning. Right now its late and I am sleepy. I did some Tia Chi this morning which I had no business doing because my legs hurt so bad from playing with the Kinect yesterday with the kids! I am old!  

Anyway.. See you all in the morning! Hope you all had a great day today... Hey? Did you read the story that I posted?? its cute.. Check it out. 


Straight out of the Book of Virtues : PLEASE

I was reading "The Book of Virtues" this morning and I came across this story. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you all:

Webster's defines our manners as our "morals shown in conduct." Good people stick to good manners, as this story from a turn-of-the-century reader reminds us.
There was once a little word named "Please," that lived in a small boy's mouth. Pleases live in everybody's mouth, though people often forget they are there.
Now, all Pleases, to be kept strong and happy, should be taken out of the mouth very often, so they can get air. They are like little fish in a bowl, you know, that come popping up to the top of the water to breathe.
The Please I am going to tell you about lived in the mouth of a boy named Dick; but only once in a long while did it have a chance to get out. For Dick, I am sorry to say, was a rude little boy; he hardly ever remembered to say "Please."
"Give me some bread! I want some water! Give me that book!" — that is the way he would ask for things.
His father and mother felt very bad about this. And, as for the poor Please itself, it would sit up on the roof of the boy's mouth day after day, hoping for a chance to get out. It was growing weaker and weaker every day.
This boy Dick had a brother, John. Now, John was older than Dick — he was almost ten; and he was just as polite as Dick was rude. So his Please had plenty of fresh air, and was strong and happy.
One day at breakfast, Dick's Please felt that he must have some fresh air, even if he had to run away. So out he ran — out of Dick's mouth — and took a long breath. Then he crept across the table and jumped into John's mouth!
The Please-who-lived-there was very angry.
"Get out!" he cried. "You don't belong here! This is my mouth!"
"I know it," replied Dick's Please. "I live over there in that brother mouth. But alas! I am not happy there. I am never used. I never get a breath of fresh air! I thought you might be willing to let me stay here for a day or so — until I felt stronger."
"Why, certainly," said the other Please, kindly. "I understand. Stay, of course; and when my master uses me, we will both go out together. He is kind, and I am sure he would not mind saying 'Please' twice. Stay, as long as you like."
That noon, at dinner, John wanted some butter; and this is what he said:
"Father, will you pass me the butter, please — please?"
"Certainly," said the father. "But why be so very polite?"
John did not answer. He was turning to his mother, and said,
"Mother, will you give me a muffin, please — please?"
His mother laughed.
"You shall have the muffin, dear; but why do you say 'please' twice?"
"I don't know," answered John. "The words seem just to jump out, somehow. Katie, please — please, some water!
"This time, John was almost frightened.
"Well, well," said his father, "there is no harm done. One can't be too 'pleasing' in this world."
All this time little Dick had been calling, "Give me an egg! I want some milk. Give me a spoon!" in the rude way he had. But now he stopped and listened to his brother. He thought it would be fun to try to talk like John; so he began,
"Mother, will you give me a muffin, m-m-m-?"
He was trying to say "please"; but how could he? He never guessed that his own little Please was sitting in John's mouth. So he tried again, and asked for the butter.
"Mother, will you pass me the butter, m-m-m-?"
That was all he could say.
So it went on all day, and everyone wondered what was the matter with those two boys. When night came, they were both so tired, and Dick was so cross, that their mother sent them to bed very early.
But the next morning, no sooner had they sat down to breakfast than Dick's Please ran home again. He had had so much fresh air the day before that now he was feeling quite strong and happy. And the very next moment, he had another airing; for Dick said,
"Father, will you cut my orange, please?" Why! the word slipped out as easily as could be! It sounded just as well as when John said it — John was saying only one "please" this morning. And from that time on, little Dick was just as polite as his brother.
Not much going on today. I heard a song today that I want to share with you... It made me cry..

I need to figure out what I am going to do today.. 
I want to take my kids out and have some fun with them because its such a nice day but at the same time
I am torn because I want to work on my painting and drawing. 

I do not have an update of the painting yet - but I do have one of the drawing.. 

I started to make some crocheted roses also for one of my Avon Costumers. I hope she likes them. She is a really nice woman and I like her very much. 

I want you all to have a good weekend!! I will talk to you soon! 


Play Where's Wendo

Find Wendy if you can!!!!!

In order to see click the image.. when goes to a larger image.. Click it one more time. Then it will be big enough to find her.. 

And IF you find her.. make sure you do not tell anyone where she is.. Just post.. -FOUND HER- either on my blog or on my facebook! Have fun.. 

I prayed for you too....

I was on my way to the gym the other night and I looked through the mirror and saw a car behind us slam on their brakes to avoid rear ending us. I said to my husband that it was crazy that if I did not look, we would have never known what kind of danger we just missed. So then I started to wonder.. How many "close calls" I have had an not even known!   So at that moment.. I stopped and prayed to God and thanked him for my life and all those I love! Oh of course you all too. :) NO really.. I pray for everyone. :)

So here is some TID BIT of info I thought I would share with you today...

In 1994 scientists at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base were assigned the task of creating non lethal weapons that would affect the enemy combatants but leave civilians unharmed. Among their ideas "a
gay bomb" a strong aphrodisiac would be sprayed on the enemy , who would become so overwhelmed with desire that they would drop their weapons and start kissing each other. The project died when the scientists couldn't find any hormones or chemicals that did the trick (They also proposed spraying the enemy with bee pheromones, then hiding beehives in combat areas, resulting in attacks from amours bees.)

Do you believe this story??

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