Going for an award!

I received an invite to send in my work again this year to a show in Arkansas. This is the same show that I tried to get into last year and was declined. Either way - I am going to try again! I looked up the juror and his name is Richard Stephens. He is a watercolorist who has been painting long before my birth. He is pretty good. Anyways.. Last year, I waited till the last min. to enter and I think that may have been a factor. So I am going to try again this year. Not sure yet which paintings I will submit. I think I will look more into his work and see if I have anything that he might like. I am not a watercolorist so that makes it a little bit of a challenge. 
I would like an award to put under my artistic belt. I have passed the point where I want to go out and sale them and make millions. I just want to win some awards. So - Best in show gets 1000! Runner up gets 500. And then it goes down. But to be honest with you.. I would LOVE to get best in show.. but I would settle for Best in Oil. Its a 200 prize. I guess even the honorable mention 100. Or Or Or.. Peoples choice for 50.  Maybe I will submit  a drawing also! They have an award for best drawing - 200. Gosh.. Its exciting.. I want to do this.. I know it will bother me if I walk away with nothing.. but I know I will keep trying anyways.. I am stubborn. I have been trying to sell avon online for almost a year now and I still only have one costumer! I am still doing it though.. Hoping.. hahah.. Anyways... Love you all! I am going to get this stuff together... Which ones do you think I should try to put into the show? I only get to pick three... one drawing and two paintings  

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sleem1948 said…
Good morning, Frankie. If I get to vote, it will be for you! I really like the red barn, and the ocean against the rocks, also the picture that captures a little beach, too. Hope it goes well for you... you are very talented, and I enjoy your work. Keep on keeping on!!!
Hi Scott. :) Thank you very much. You are too nice sometimes. I need to send in my CD. I am going to do it on Monday. I really just want a simple award to say that I have one. I will be happy with that. :) Thank you for your input though. Happy Easter to you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Classic NYer said…
Wow... what lovely paintings! I'm partial to the one with the rocks in the water myself, if that counts for anything. :-)

Stopping in from the LBS tea party.
Of course it does! Thank you!
Unknown said…
I love the young girl. Of course, I'm partial to portraits, but that one really has lots of emotional power!
I agree Debbie. I really like it too. I am going to put that one in for the drawing part. I guess you can not have anything "glass" though. So I am thinking I might find some clear plastic cover and use that as glass. BUT - I need to get chosen first.
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter Frankie! Hope the rabbit brought lots of eggs and chocolate, and jellie beans!! Even though I'm a couple days late in voting, I'd go for the one on the bottom (with the lace) and the seascape. Good luck with it. Sounds very exciting! -D-
Hi Dean. Easter was cool. We did not get a lot of eggs.. Instead the heavens have been sending us RAIN RAIN RAIN! It has been raining hard all day and its supposed to rain again tomorrow. So all weekend and monday. yay!
This may be late but i would just say it: Happy Easter!

Your paintings looks great! The barn, the water and all other has great details. Thank you for sharing this!...Daniel
Seriously Frankie, your stuff ROCKS! Good luck going for the award- I hope you win! :)

P.S. Weird i just posted about winning an award? Too bad there weren't any cash prizes! :/
Thank you Kristen! I like the monkey a lot. However, the monkey is my least favourite animal. I can go on about why but it it would make no sense because one could say - hm sounds like every living creature. Not a dolphin though! Dolphins are wonderful. But a dolphin is not my favourite. Well maybe. I wouldn't want to collect them. hahah.. I know.. I know... I will stop talking.

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