I prayed for you too....

I was on my way to the gym the other night and I looked through the mirror and saw a car behind us slam on their brakes to avoid rear ending us. I said to my husband that it was crazy that if I did not look, we would have never known what kind of danger we just missed. So then I started to wonder.. How many "close calls" I have had an not even known!   So at that moment.. I stopped and prayed to God and thanked him for my life and all those I love! Oh of course you all too. :) NO really.. I pray for everyone. :)

So here is some TID BIT of info I thought I would share with you today...

In 1994 scientists at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base were assigned the task of creating non lethal weapons that would affect the enemy combatants but leave civilians unharmed. Among their ideas "a
gay bomb" a strong aphrodisiac would be sprayed on the enemy , who would become so overwhelmed with desire that they would drop their weapons and start kissing each other. The project died when the scientists couldn't find any hormones or chemicals that did the trick (They also proposed spraying the enemy with bee pheromones, then hiding beehives in combat areas, resulting in attacks from amours bees.)

Do you believe this story??


Simplyheather said…
Wow interesting story. I believe it. Scientists have tried so much in history! Even the unthinkable. But I'm glad you didn't end up getting hurt and the car was able to stop in time. Thank God.

suziqleigh said…
That is hysterical! A gay bomb that would make them kiss! It sounds like a spoof movie. I can just picture it. It helps when you are a visual thinker!
You are right.. it does help! I read that and thought.. How ridiculous is that??
TopazPearleGirl said…
Gay bombs, cracking up over here and wondering if this is an April Fools Day joke?!
No.. It is a true story! :) hahaha..

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