Lets Get Physical!

So today I was thinking about "working out". I have always been a walker and it seems like it has kept me pretty slim. Now that I am a lot older - its not really enough. I actually have to "get physical". I was going to the gym for a while and walking the tred mill almost every day for over and hour. I was not just walking it either - I had that baby at an incline and had it moving fast. I was exhausted!  It started to stress me out. I felt that if I missed a day at the gym I was fat and I had to call them and let them know I was going to be absent! Thats no good! Just more stress.  So I just stopped. So I am at it again after 4 months of doing nothing. There is a difference this time. I have added stuff.  I got this new thing (Knect) where I can do something different every day. I think if you do the same thing over and over it stops working. You get bored. Then its not fun anymore. Now its work!  So if I am going to give some advice - here it is.. If you are working out at home with tapes etc. Try and get a couple. Then do a different one each day. That way you are not doing the same thing over and over. You are open to make a choice. It really REALLY makes a huge difference when you get to make your own choices and you do not feel forced into something. :) If you walk, change your path here and there too. I had to do that or I got bored. I used to walk a lot! For years - every day - for at least 3 miles a day. 

I will go before this gets too long. :) I am close! Its getting long. 

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