Play Where's Wendo

Find Wendy if you can!!!!!

In order to see click the image.. when goes to a larger image.. Click it one more time. Then it will be big enough to find her.. 

And IF you find her.. make sure you do not tell anyone where she is.. Just post.. -FOUND HER- either on my blog or on my facebook! Have fun.. 



Cute post hun :) And to answer your question, I just made up "Throwback Thursdays" because I've seen other people have themed blog days. I think a lot of people link up with these types of posts, but I don't have that option... yet.

You can totally make up your own themed blog days... this post for example could be a weekly "Where's Wendy Wednesdays"

Just a thought... :)
Ohh.. Okay.. I was really wondering.. Seems to be a big hit on the blog. So I am going to think of something like that. This imagine that you see.. the Wheres Wendy.. She is my Aunt. My husband saw her picture in my folder and decided that she reminded him of Waldo and went through the trouble of making this huge thing out. I was impressed and very entertained by it.. I do not think she has even seen it yet. She is fun so I know she will appreciate it. Thank you for playing! Maybe I will make a prize for it.. It can be called the FOUND WENDO award for your blog! ;)
imagine should have said IMAGE.

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