So Easter is passed. I sure hope you all had a nice day yesterday. It rained the whole day. Thunder and lighting. We got the whole package. No hail though. Now the state is all flooded. YaY! Well it put all the really bad fires out. Thats a good thing. I hope it helped Texas too. They had some woppers going also. I am sure they were worse there than here though. So I am going to submit my art work tomorrow. I still have not decided. Thats why I have not done it yet. Not a whole lot is going on right now with me. I am kinda just taking a break from the art scene and I think the whole creative scene in general and trying to get my stuff together. I am crocheting a cute scarf and fingerless gloves to match, curtains for my front door and curtains for my little girl's bedroom. But I am in no hurry. That is just for "something" creative to do. 

Well I hope you are all doing well. I just have so much going on in my mind right now that I really do not even know what to blog about today. I feel bad. SORRY!  I am going to go read others so that maybe I can be inspirted. :) 

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