Social Networking And How It Makes You Feel.

In the beginning I was addicted to facebook and myspace. I found so many of my old friends and made more. I was really thankful. Now I am not so sure. For a while I could not figure out why I was so lonely all the time. I started to think about it and I started to wonder if it could possibly be facebook! Seems like I am always sad or wishing I could be there with my old friends or see my family as they do things without me and chat about it on facebook. How about you? How does social media make you feel?

I have asked this question in other areas of the net and I have been getting some pretty interesting responses. More are talking of how "annoyed" they are by other and their "bragging" and making them feel "less" of a person. Interesting. I have felt that same way. But I have also learned a lot from it. I have learned that I can say something and others will respond to me as if I am making them feel bad and they do not need to. That is just a small thing in my life. If I shared my bad - they would not feel so bad.  I thought about that for a while and came to this conclusion. 

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE! They are only talking about the "good" things in their lives. And that is ALL you hear about. And who is to say they are not embellishing that truth? You are missing out on the bad. Be happy with who you are. Cherish YOU! Since I have thought of this - they do not make me feel bad anymore.. Just sad that I can not see them. Juuussstttt sad.. I miss my family. I really do. Aw.. I made myself cry! hahahahah.. Stupid.


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Sandra Tyler said…
Interesting topic, since it is only since January that I started any kind of social networking. Now I'm on facebook, twitter, have my own website, and blog. Total turn around! Yes, there's a strange kind of loneliness to it (especially on facebook if people ignore your posts!) But I have to say, I'm completely taken by blogging. I am a writer and it has gotten me writing again, but it also feels like a room of my own -- which I don't have with two children! I love tinkering there, and reading new blogs every night, and commenting. I have this feeling of being in a lounge with other like minded souls so it's not lonely at all.
I agree. I think that blogging has a totally different feel. Unless you do not get comments.. Then its kinda like you are talking to yourself. But here, I kinda expect that. Not on facebook though. Its mainly my family and super close friends. So I guess I expect way more. Its not them either. Its all me! I know this and that is why I can work with it. :)
Interesting facts indeed! These online social communities like facebook, myspace, and even blogger is great and has a lot of possibilities!...Daniel
Unknown said…
I can relate to wishing to be with old friends and family. I live 1000 miles away from family, and any of my 'old' friends are in different places in their lives. I have one friend in particular that I sometimes catch myself feeling sad that I didn't keep that relationship strong... but then again, I think of the idea that people from your past are there for a reason. Anyway, I must have a ton of cynical facebook friends, because a lot of them sure complain a lot.
Anonymous said…
Great topic, especially since I have been considering deleting my facebook account! I decided that facebook causes more harm than good. I work with domestic violence victims, and it is UNREAL how many times one's facebook or myspace activity/post/pictures are blamed for escalated violence/stalking.

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