Stop looking around!

There are a few things I still need to do with her. She is not done yet but here is a little update.

I need to work on my painting a bit more. I was kinda feeling a little insecure .. well I am still... about how to go about painting it and I started to look around at others and their paintings. When I saw how good and easy it seemed to come for them I began to get even more insecure! I keep trying to remember that I just need to stop looking around. I need to keep steady the course and do what I need to do. Practice. So I was thinking about getting some canvas paper - cutting out smaller sizes and just busting out these little "one item" paintings.  Just so I can get more practice.   Something I may start in the morning. Right now its late and I am sleepy. I did some Tia Chi this morning which I had no business doing because my legs hurt so bad from playing with the Kinect yesterday with the kids! I am old!  

Anyway.. See you all in the morning! Hope you all had a great day today... Hey? Did you read the story that I posted?? its cute.. Check it out. 



I think the painting is beautiful. It is well proportioned. Portraits are difficult to do. I have done one. I haven't given up on them. My children are just little, and it is harder to paint.
Frankie ~ I do the same thing & you are right ~ look ~ but stop comparing yourself ~ Your work is excellent and I need to tell myself the same thing ~ learn from others but trust myself and my own style ~ wishing you the best in your day ~ Happy painting, creating ^_^
Frankie said…
Evelyn.. I use graphs. I used to think it was a form of cheating.. but I did a bunch of research on all the old masters... THEY ALL DID IT! Leonardo used glass to get the proportions right.. I believe Durer used a graph that he invented. They even used graphs when they were doing portraits right there with a sitter. :) So now I do not mind saying out loud. You can actually see the lines in my unfinished drawings. :) Use graphs. It makes it so much easier! Good luck. And also.. thank you so much. :):)

I agree Carol. :)
TopazPearleGirl said…
I think she's lovely and looks to be deep in thought...
Anonymous said…
Hi Frankie, hope you're having a good week. The drawings looking great so far. I've always been a big fan of sanguine. Looks very classical!....
Just added you to my list of Blogs of Interests ~ ^_^ ~
Frankie said…
@ TopazGirl - I keep trying to find your blog but it keeps telling me that you do not have one! :( Do you have one? I would love to be a part of it. :) thank you. I am glad she does.. I am actually going for that look! Sometimes I am not going for a look and get it anyway and just "pretend" and say.. Ohhhh yeahhh.. sure.. thats what I meant to do! hahahaha. (wink)

@ Dean.. I had to look up "sanguine". I will be honest. My art vocabulary is not as high as it should be. But I agree! I love it and its so forgiving too. If only I can make the paint that forgiving also! XO Dean! XO!

@ Carol.. Thank you! I am actually really happy that you have taken interest in me! XO!
hmm, i had no thought to ever use graphs! i will look into it! thanks for the tip!

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