Thank You God! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

So today is not the funnest day I will be having. However I can say that I spent the day with my kids! As I type I am sitting on my four year olds bed watching them clean their room. It is so insanely messy. My 8, 6 and four year old never clean their rooms and I always end up doing it for them. The second I turn around it is a huge mess again. It is time to they learn themselves. I am hoping they will understand that its hard work and appreciate the cleanliness afterwards. 

Usually when I tell them to clean up they just mess around and it never gets done. It actually turns out messier than when they started. So here I am. Sitting here on the bed making sure they keep on track. I brought in my crocheting tools so that I can crochet something for my Avon store giveaway. Maybe a pretty lace bracelet? I know I am going to be here for a while so I might as well make the best of the time. 

Its actually very relaxing to sit in here with them. I have learned in my years with children that once you have them - you can NOT expect these children to work around your life. YOU HAVE to just slow down and work around their life. Other wise you are going to be mean and impatient with them. Its not their faults. They are just "LIVING". They know nothing else. All the other stuff comes with time. Every time I start to get frustrated because I can not do the things that I want to  and start to get angry with them - I try to remember and slow down.. take a deep breath.. and sometimes I get so frustrated that I have to tell myself what it would be like without them. I could not live without them!! No way. That snaps me back to where I need to be and put whatever it is I am doing down - and I give them the patients and love they need. And honestly it makes me so much happier to just give in them each time. 

I know that its not as easy as it sounds. I could not do it when I was younger. I was always frustrated and trying to figure out how to make things better. Unfortunately I was hard on my first born. But patients, it came with time and I am very thankful for it. Me and her have a very close relationship and respect one another very much. 

I have heard that we are born with patients and understanding. I am not sure if that is completely true. I have had six children and each one of them were screaming and full of ID. Even at the ages they are now - they do not have patients for much and I have to explain EVERYTHING to them. I think the way it works is like this:  I think God gave us his love. And through that love - we learn patients and understanding. Well, that is how it worked for me and I fully plan on relaying that message to my children. So - that is what I am doing today... Spending time with them and teaching them to pick up after themselves. I have given up any plans that I had and am just sitting here with them... keeping them on track. :) Hope you are all having a good day too! 

Dang they are pretty kids! I love them very much. GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

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If you would like to see what I made while sitting here waiting.. you can go to I posted them on my fanpage wall. :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, they're lovely kids, and they're lucky to have such a kind and caring mother. You're good at it because you've had so much practice.
Thank You Dean. If you come back to this! hhaha.. Sorry.. I completely missed it. You are too nice. I know I tell you this.. but again.. I am glad we are friends.

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