Why can't we all just get along?

Yesterday I was with a friend and we drove out to a travel center to meet my daughter because she forgot her backpack when she was visiting this weekend from college. Well we were eating some lunch as we waited and I started to look around at all the people who were passing through the travel center. I noticed that I could pick out so many of those people that reminded me of others that I already know in my life.  Then I started to think about something else....         How different could my life be if I did not have the one I did. If I were someone else. Probably not much different as far as my needs and wants. I am sure I would have different experiences and stuff but no matter how different people live their lives - they still complain about the same things! 

When I was younger I was a military wife. No matter what duty station that I went to, us wives got together and complained about the same things! Our complaints about other women, our husbands, our bodies and our children. They were all the same. We all had so much in common but came from all different walks of life. Even the men would complain about the same things in their lives! 

It seems that we are all fighting for the same thing in this world. We are all trying to go the same direction! But everyone seems to be fighting the current.. 

So I wondered why we could not all get along considering the fact that we all had the same needs...   Why do you think we can not get along? 


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Classic NYer said…
Because if we didn't fight with each other we'd be bored. jk. You make an excellent point, though.
There is probably more truth in your statement than you know. :)

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