Lightening! So pretty.

Some pictures I took with my cell phone last night of the storm.
These are the clouds that ripped through Joplin three nights ago. :( We watched them get bigger and bigger as they moved. We all new they would be big trouble.

I hung out for hours. This helped me pass the time while the stormed passed. I usually do not sleep when we have Tornado warnings like we did last night. I need to stay awake just incase.
Not too bad for a cell phone photo. I have a couple more too. One I have is so good that I want to send it in. Uho.. I think I just heard thunder outside. We are supposed to have yet another one tonight. I will be there with my camera.. In the window. I do not go outside.. no no no.. TOO SCARY.

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Unknown said…
That second photo is spectacular, Frankie!
Hi Debbie.. Yeah.. it was pretty cool. I have a couple more that are really nice too but I did not want to post them on line just yet. I was thinking I might put them in a contest or something. :)
Anonymous said…
Really nice shots Frankie. Talk about perfect timing!! Also, I heard about some mean tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma and I was keeping my fingers crossed that they missed you. Scary mother nature!

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