I am a mother, a grandmother and a contemporary realist painter currently living in Montana. I was encouraged to be an artist when I was younger due to some sad events in my life. Through this experience I started to learn and understand how much of an impact being an artist and the art world in general could have on a person if given a chance. Later, I wanted to be a seascape painter and went to school where I received my Associates in Fine Art/Humanities (2007) and have been able to continue my artistic education through books, the internet and personal experiences. Today I do not just paint the ocean but I paint anything that inspires me. Through my artwork, I want to encourage happy thoughts, happy memories and positive perspectives in order to stimulate a happy heart within my viewer whether it be from a nature scene to something as simple as a favorite coffee cup. - Frankie Stockman 2021

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You Call That Art P2

Brancusi's Bird In Space: I recently read this story about this bronze sculpture and I wanted to share it.

There was a trial held in NY City back in 1927. Edward Steichen, an American photographer,bought this sculpture from the artist herself while she was living in France. He imported the piece to the US where normally the law does not require customs duty on original works of art as long as they are declared. But when the customs official saw this piece he denied it. He said it was not art! No matter how much Steichen protested, the piece was admitted into the US under the catagory of "Kitchen Utensils and Hospital Supplies". So because it was not declared as art, Steichen was now charged $600 in order to import the sculpture.

After time and with the help of an American sculpture and patron of the arts, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Steichen appealed the ruling. The trial brought a lot of publicity and had a lot of people questioning if the piece was in fact a bird or just metal.

Finally the court decided in Steichen's favor and the bird was declared a work of art after all.

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Kristen Victoria said...

How interesting! I'm glad they appealed... I think it's a beautiful elegant piece. And I also think I would like that Daily Book of Art too... thanks for sharing!

P.S. Thanks so much for your heart felt comments... I always look forward to what you have to say. I liked your critique on my logo designs as well... I will be working on more sketches soon and will be sure to share them :) Thanks again for being such a great blogger friend!

Frankie Stockman said...

aww.. you are most welcome Kristen! And you do not have to thank me for being friendly with you.. I like you :)

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