You call that art part 1

Artist: Rebecca O'Flaherty, The Monet of Maggots!

When creating her paintings, she lets maggots do the work for her and then calls it her own. She places the maggots in nontoxic paint (does it matter? Maggots eat everything and are fine) and lets them move around on a piece of white copy paper. Here they make little color trails. 

Her artists statement: "The activity usually begins with some measure of skepticism or disdain, but the maggots are quick to win over the critics." 

What do you think?? 


Unknown said…
She doesn't fool me. It's not art!
hahaha.. I agree Debbie. :) Totally.
So interesting. I'd love to hear what my sister-in-law would think about this. She's an art major.
Anonymous said…
yikes!! thanx...
@ Elisabeth It really depends on what kind of art the artist is really into. Me, I do not see it as art.. Not at all. But there are a lot of others who do. So I am curious what she would say too.. Let me know..

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