The Stylish Blogger Award

I received this award from a very lovely woman by the name of Debbie. She is a fellow artist who loves to blog about her love for God and share her beautiful art work. <a href="">Debs Head Stick</a> you can follow this link and see what she is up to.    Debbie is an inspiration to me and I like reading her blogs because like some of the other blogs I read, she has forced me acknowledge things about myself that I really did not want to. But when I did - I felt so much better. Thank you Debbie!   Glad we found one another.                                          
I am now going to tell you a little about myself before I pass this on to four of my fellow bloggers. 

Let me see. What can I share with you that you might find interesting....         (thinking)    
1. I love God. 
2. I love Angels and the ocean.
3. I love the sound of Rob Thomas' voice
4. I love to wear arm socks in the winter
5. I hate to carry a purse. I carry anything that looks NOT like a purse.
6. I love scarfs and turtle necks. 
7. I would eat spaghetti every other night if the kids would let me.
8. I would eat all the cheesecake in the world if It wouldn't make me super fat or die of heart disease. 
9. I love chocolate. Have a stash just for those crazy urges. Dark is the best. 
10.I love to smell things unless they stink! hahah
11.My whole life I have loved everything Victorian.
12.I love garlic.
13.I would rather look at earth tone colors than bright pastels. 
14.Dislike the color purple and baby blue. 
15.I eat ice cream with a fork. And recently I have changed my preference from Ice cream to Frozen custard. OMGOODNESS its so good. 

Now I will decide who I will choose to send this award to... 

First I choose Kristen @ <a href="">Confessions of a Graphic Design Student.</a> She is a very lovely young girl and a very talented up and coming artist. She is goofy and very serious at the same time. I think you will like her. 

Second I choose Kate @ <a href="">Abstract Ramblings of a Creative Degenerate</a>  Kate is a very talented artist I met on a web site where artists share their art. I met her a couple of years ago and I have loved her ever since. She is my British Buddy! Go to her blog and see what she is painting. Right now she is not blogging a whole lot because she is a "mummy to be". But I have faith she will return soon and dazzle us all with her wonderful artistic talents. 

Third I choose Carol @ <a href="">Art Muse Dog ~ Share The Creative Journey</a>. I met Carol through Blog Frog. She blogs about many things. Many of her posts have really made me slow down and think about things and I appreciate it more than she knows. 

Fourth I choose Angela @ <a href="">Just A City Girl With Tractor Envy</a> I also met Angela on Blog Frog.  She makes me laugh! If you share the same sense of humor.. I know you will laugh with me on this one. :)   

Hope you all have a great day! 

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Thanks so much, Frankie! You are a sweetheart :) I have actually been awarded this one but I appreciate you thinking of me and giving me a shout out!

P.S. Your new painting is coming out fantastic! ah you are so freaking talented. Good thing you are taking breaks with laughter- that's how I get through most of my projects!
You are very welcome Kristen. :)
carol l mckenna said…
Frankie ~ thanks so much and am so glad you only put 4 blogs on there ~ I wasn't going to accept anymore of these with 15 blogs to follow as it is so time consuming ~ but you are a treasure and I am honored to accept this one ~ thanks again ~ hugs, Carol (artmusedog)
You have to follow the blogs that get the rewards??
Thank you Carol. You are very very welcome. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Frankie! You are a gem!

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