Mona Lisa

I was reading my art magazines today and I came across this interesting factoid about the Mona Lisa. It reads in "The Artist Magazine" :

Did you know there was a forced two year vacation from the Louvre that helped Mona Lisa achieve widespread fame? In 1911 a former employee stuck the portrait under his shirt and walked out. They found him in 1213 when he was trying to sell the painting to a dealer.   Now the most interesting part for me was the part where is says: "Meanwhile, people lined up to walk by the bar spot normally occupied by the Mona Lisa."  Wow. :) Here are a few more that I found around the net that made me say wow also. 

The Louvre build a room for this painting alone. And it cost them over 7 million dollars. There is even bullet proof glass in front of it. It is valued as priceless and that is why they went to such extremes. 

I never realized she did not have eyebrows but they think that maybe a long time ago a restoration went wrong and they ended up rubbing them out. Or perhaps Leo was just as lazy as they say he was and never finished her eyebrows. Maybe he forgot!? I remember in an art card I painted once of two blue whales.. Mommy and baby.. I was finished.. Gave it away and then realized.. I never painted in the eyes! So I can see it happening!

By the way.. Are any of you working on ACEO cards by chance? I need to do a few. I was looking around the kitchen for inspiration today. Maybe I will paint one of popcorn.. and another of a watermelon. Two of my favorites. Also.. you might enjoy this blog that I came across today Martha's art history blog. 

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I read this book a couple of months ago - and I encourage you to read it too! I loved it. :):) I found a new respect for the impressionist and learned something along the way. Manet is now one of my favorite aritist. The book even made me cry.. Twice!


Unknown said…
Sorry for being a pain, but I still can't read it. You need a lighter font to contrast the dark background. Maybe a gold...?

Hope to actually read your blog soon!
hahah.. Oh my goodness. You are a pain! I am kidding. I will try the gold. ;):) Just for you Miss Debbie. ;) XO!
How about that color? Is that easier to read? I like the font.. You are okay with the font right? I figured it was cursive and that is pretty easy to read. I just am so tired of the basic fonts. :) I really want something different for a while. Till I get sick of this. hahaha. Anyways.. Hope you can read it Miss Debbie! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Let me know.
Made By Tammy said…
I always love reading your Blog! You are so funny! ACEOs are great. I always have one or two that I'm working on.
I would like to see your cards Tammy! Maybe we can do a trade sometime? I have only ever traded with my close friend but I can venture out.. I know she will not mind. ;)

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