Oh wow. So many ideas!

So I have a few ideas. Since the kids started school I have had some time alone. Its nice. And actually its not four hours.. I actually only get like 21/2. That is okay too! That is more than I have had in years! I have been making stuff. Lots of stuff. I actually took out my sewing machine! I pulled it out of the closet and dusted it off. Turned it on and it still purrs wonderfully. I am not really good with the machine but its really fun to use and try new stuff on.  So the first thing that I have made on it since I got it out yesterday is a cat collar! And that is what you see here.

I really wasn't sure if I wanted a bell on it or not so I just tacked one on with a tiny safety pin. Its a little rocky but its a start. My cats do not go outside so its just fastened with a button. I was just grabbing whatever I had handy!  I am going to make my dog a collar but I am going to use the pant legs from the jeans that all my girls cut this summer for shorts. I told them to save them for me incase I felt "crafty". Well I do.  Since last thursday I have made two hair clips for my girls, three necklaces out of thread, two pins and a cat collar! Wow. I did not know I had it in me! So I was thinking that
I should work on my "The Art Of Necking" blog. Then I can add all of my projects and even add some projects for others to do as well. I love blogs like that. This I just keep leaving to the painting. But really its more than that. It's just "ME" in general. So when I think I have to keep it to just painting I tend to stay away if I am not painting. That is not the way it should be done. So I will keep you all informed on my blog when I start adding things. I will link it here.   

Those are the other things I have made. I am off to the store now to see what I can find. Hope you all have a great day! Talk to you all soon!

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CreationsbyGena said…
Oh My goodness I love that cat collar! Do make more cause I want one! So creative you are :0)
Look who's talkin! ;) I will make more. Just gotta get it right.
carol l mckenna said…
Lovely creations ~ so good you have some creative time ~ thanks for sharing ~ namaste, CArol from Share the Creative Journey (ArtMuseDog)

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